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Hello ladies and gents. I am a veteran CW player and I, like many of you, miss the old days.
The biggest thing I noticed about current CW is the inactivity. Their is a peak time that CW does get busy for a few hours but that's not enough.

The main gear for scoring in 07 was karils, inf boots, fury, master wand, mage book.
Some would have armadyl but the majority wouldn't.
This made it more balanced, in a way.
Now you have spirit shields and all this other gear that is crazy op it actually makes things unbalanced.

How does JaGeX make Castle Wars great again like it was in 07?
Their doesn't seem like theirs much JaGeX can do.
Other than add a scoreboard for the (-) following.
One thing that I feel would populate CW through out the day is to add
-Tickets grant exp (like PC)
Decorative Gear
-increases stats (Gold would be Defence for FC's, most experienced)
-more hp per bandage
-bonus xp per hit

*Extra Tickets for
-Flag Captures
-Top Melee/Mage/Range Dmg (Detailed Recount in scoreboard)
so it can't be abused, limit 4 worlds

It's hard to get a flag cap when everyone is sitting on D and Fc's are relentlessly trying, with little to no hope of making it out of the Castle.
FCs give up due to all of the barricades, spears, barrages.
With so little FCs, it makes it nearly impossible to get a cap.
The FCs exist but arn't playing cw because of this.

Making the decorative gear have an in-game bonus would bring a highly needed boost to Castle Wars. It would make players want to strive once again to play for hours everyday.

I have full gold cw rs3(rotting in my bank). It was nice to show off and that was basically it.
Its not enough to play that much just for looks. If you make decorative gear benefit while inside of CW and give players the advantage it will motivate players knowing they can use it, and it will benefit those who can't afford the best gear.
People admire play to win games, knowing their skill is what gets them ahead.
Not Money
Live together Kill together Die together

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