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1. Alt + ENTER = Full screen
2. Shift + Click = Drop item/ Deposit stacked items at once when interface is open.
3. Teleport to first available Glory Amulet location when using it from ability bar instead of opening interface. (edge)
4. Keep settings interface open when switching interface or combat modes.
5. Allow 2 or more action bars on Legacy interface.
6. Clear poison at banks.
7. Display live guest clan chat messages when in lobby.
8. Display FC/CC messages that were sent while you were world hopping/ logging in.
9. Rework the way we buy buy Lunar armour (interface as in shops) and also buying many sets at once would be nice. Also isn't it a bit too expensive?
10. Allow Summoning familiars at banks and G.E
11. Since 4th action bar is allowed in F2p for some players fix a bug where it sets to different ability bar on world hop.
12. Move legacy hitboxes toggle to Miscellaneous tab.
13. Move Luck of the dwarves Grand exchange teleport option to the top when using from action bar.
14. Remove confirmation window when destroying Cursed Memories.
15. Keep xp drop orb displayed while mouse is hovered.
16. Remember recently used right click option of item that was used from action bar, (use it with left click next time).
17. Make clickboxes of small npc's bigger or make their movement slower.
18. Display player worlds on ignore list.
19. Display where helfire bow is located more often, we can relog to get that broadcast anyways. Or add button to get broadcast.
20. Let us get Starfire cape back after upgrading it to Starfury or reduce reclaim fee depending on what tier it was.
21. Fix bug where you are teleporting to Kendarin monstery in F2p world (when used from action bar).
22. Fix legacy chatbox (goes up after world hop).
23. Fix stack value overlay bug, appears in random places.
24. Add a toggle in a group system so leader gets all drops (for fair splits and no scams).

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Combat related.
1. Move attack option to right click for Friends chat members.
2. Allow enabling prayer while stunned or allow binding it in Prayer tab.
3. Allow only F2p abilities on members PVP.
4. Make binds work 100% if no anticipation/ freedom is used.
5. Fix/ rework Health bar Hud in Legacy interface.
6. Clear Teleblock after hopping world or at least keep debuff icon shown.
7. Remove left click attack option on own familiars also add toggle to change other options to right click.
9. Use auto retaliate when loot interface is open IF you don't have to walk to hit back.
10. Allow opening teleport interfaces while in combat and keep open when getting attacked. (eg. Glory, Dung cape). As always close with Esc button and keep fighting in background.
11. -
12. Keep familiar inventory interface open when in combat.
13. Keep Guest clan joining window open when in combat.
14. Allow adding notes while in combat.
15. Let us have action bar in Legacy combat (everywhere except legacy only worlds), obviously abilities still cant be used.

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0,8,14 support (and 10 from combat section)
12, 14 combat, you can actually do thatwhen you open familiar inter-phase up from the icon on the list of power tab
7,8 combat not needed as you can turn all left click off and use above step
11 combat, i dont understand what the issue is
Posts:urn bag!, hits-plats fix

21-Jun-2019 12:19:49

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for your problem with the Guthix's blessing ability.. it might help to inform you of that ability, ice asylum and your activation of Excalibur are linked together...

so if you use one you cant use any till the cool down is over, would be best to go with the overall best one which is the Excalibur, since it will heal equally to ice asylum but wont cost adren, and better then Guthix's blessing because it cannot be interfered with.

22-Aug-2019 15:36:22

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