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Came up with idea of new combat system while I was doing slayer.
Wait, this isn't separate combat system/ addition (just the way players would call the way you use existing combat system).
This also probably is very easy to implement.

In a nutshell: Basic attack damage is being increased and acts like Legacy with EOC animations (not saying it will do same amount of damage, should make beta server for a test).
Makes combat relaxing because you only need few abilities, but more expensive because loosing more ammo.

Changes to do:
1. Increase basic attack damage.
2. Gain a bit more adrenaline from basic attacks.
3. Make first basic attack hit slightly slower/ weaker when attacking someone to prevent OP damage combo.

Here is an example:

Basic attacks can replace most abilities in slayer tasks at least, would be fun to try in PvP also. This also makes fist fights balanced because Legacy does way more damage than EOC.

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