f2p should get more

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I believe f2p should get more content. For example some minigames are dead outside of thaler spotlight. I think we should add thaler spotlight to f2p along with pest control and soul wars. Only f2p skill xp rewards would be available. The brightest ideas are the most undervalued.

23-Aug-2019 18:09:16

Draco Burnz
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Hayamo said:
Support, adding dead content to f2p is good thing

Yes lets add content that no one uses... /s

I mean you would think things being called "dead content" would mean that no one would want it so its best to be left as is.
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24-Aug-2019 01:04:04



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All adding the content to f2p does is make it temporarilly new to f2p. It doesnt solve anything.

So far aware of but it should be overal scenrio based. Also i hate the tablet im using to type this autocorrect is the bane of me.
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24-Aug-2019 03:05:12

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