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Just a simple suggestion that can be added to the larger scope of the Bank Rework (if it hasn't already), but I'd like the option to set my bank pin to a keyboard-entry instead of clicking on the random red buttons. It's just easier and more efficient, and let's be honest, the current one-click entry and number shuffle just isn't a practical security feature, so given that, I just think it would be more than logical to allow players to enable a keyboard entry.
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04-Jun-2019 04:18:47

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You can already use your keyboard to type in your bank PIN, but only if you use Authenticator as a bank PIN to keep changing it.

Important to enable this if you go to Runefest. You may not appreciate everyone watching you enter a fixed PIN on a 30 foot screen.

Key loggers, Poindexter.


04-Jun-2019 12:41:57



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Been thinking about this too but i disabled pin anyways, it's just annoying and if anyone attacks you while you holding cursed you can't escape.

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