Less kills per session at BGH?

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Used to get 6 or 7 kills per session not counting doubles or triples but for the last couple days,
I've only been getting 5, was this a nerf?

Also more triples please, over 500 kills and I've only seen 2 or 3 triples.

17-Sep-2019 00:40:17

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I think it's random, today I had two 5 dino sessions and one with 6 that included a double dino encounter. However, Saturday I had quite a few 6-7 ones. On two rare occasions, I actually only had 4 and then they went into hiding.

I wish for more triples, too! I have about 2k kills now, including the Three in Bed achievement, and I have only seen maybe 5 triples altogether--of course the majority came before I finally was able to do it, only one after.

17-Sep-2019 00:44:00

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