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I really enjoy the music of Runescape. Among that list contains a number of exceptional, well-done songs I like to listen more frequently. However, of the 1264 songs currently on the playlist, it is hard to remember my favorite songs, and my playlist is able to hold only a few. I tend to skill in specific locations for a long time and the music can get repetitive. If the playlist capacity was increased, we all would be able to enjoy a more expansive list of our favorite songs more often. Increased song capacity will allow more players to appreciate all the effort put into creating those songs, as the majority of the songs only get played once during quests never to be returned to again by most players.

Thank you! We appreciate all you do.


29-May-2019 02:28:23

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Thread moved to the relevant forum for feedback and suggestions to improve current content. :) (The Future Game Updates Forum is for feedback and discussion of updates in development.)

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