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: Fast Sc's basic rules are not all-encompassing; it is impossible to predict and set up rules for every misbehaviour that may happen in our games. We do trust our ranks' judgement should they choose to sit a player for:

A) purposely harming games by trying to slow down game speed through any method;
B) purposely harming others through harassment in our games or our chats

even if the misbehaviour is not explicitly stated within our rules. If you believe you were unfairly removed from games, you may contact a General or Owner through PM.

- Join the fc 'Fast Sc' as soon as the game starts and remain in this fc until the game ends
- Equip a staff/bow within the first 2 minutes of the game (by 18 minutes on the clock) OR combat hidden
- No combat whatsoever
- No magic
- No armour
- No barriers
- No pickpocketing without permission
- No freeloading
- No prayers
- No arguing in fc
- No quick chat in fc - keep off topic chat to a minimum
- No advertising other non-combat SC chats at pens or in fc
- English only in fc
- Be in World 99 when in fc - this includes not being in our fc whilst at a citadel (excludes Lieutenant+ ranks)
- Respect fellow players and ranks


Failure to follow these rules may result in you being removed from games. You will be given two warnings before being removed from games.

- First offence will result in you being removed from 1 game.
- Second offence will result in you being removed from games for 1 hour.
- Third offence may result in you being removed from games for 24 hours.
- Deliberate pking, seriously offensive language and/or continual disruptive behaviour may result in you being instantly and permanently refused entry to our games.

For detailed information about our rules and how we play non-combat SC in our clan, please keep reading.
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1. NO COMBAT at any time. This means the entire game, no exceptions.

2. NO PICKPOCKETING unless you are GIVEN PERMISSION by the player for the purpose of sharing clay.

3. WIELD A STAFF/BOW WITH AUTO-CAST OFF/NO AMMO. This is to be done by the 18 minute mark. This is one of the most important rules because it helps keep everyone safe by preventing accidental damage. Both weapon options with auto-cast off/no ammo cannot do damage at all!
HIDDEN COMBAT OPTION. Alternatively, players may also wield a tool WITH the hidden attack option on found in the combat settings of the settings interface.

4. NO ARMOUR. Wearing full armour may mistake you for a pker. You may only equip armour if anti-pking.

5. DON'T LIE. About pkers, clay locations, or anything, really! This is one rule where you may only get one warning. It is extremely important that you do not misrepresent or mislead anyone.

6. NO ARGUING. Arguing will result in a warning. Continuing to do so will result in being removed from the fc and/or game. If you have a problem, please ask to speak to one of the leaders in private or discuss it with the other person over private chat.

7. NO BARRIERS are permitted. We work as a team and we do not keep others from gathering clay or using the kilns. Barriers also slow down games.

8. NO FREELOADING. Freeloading is when you stop collecting clay before the 1 minute warning (usually because you've already gotten enough in-game points to get 20+ SC reward points), when you take clay from the base at ANY point during the game to process rather than collecting it yourself, and purposely harming game speed, such as picking c2+ clay by hand after the 17 minute mark. Freeloading causes games to be longer than they should be. This means NO standing around doing nothing anywhere on the map before the 1 minute warning appears.
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9. If you are not in the pen when the game is ready to start, we will NOT wait. We like to start our games as quickly as possible.

10. If you are in game, you are required to be in the Fast Sc friends chat. By having all players in the same in-game chat, we can share clay calls, see rule reminders and communicate when there are problematic players in the game.

11. You must be in world 99 with the intention to play to be in our friends chat. The Fast Sc friends chat serves no purpose for people to be in the friends chat off-world or not playing, and it tends to cause off-topic chatter. Only leaders ranked Lieutenant or higher are permitted to be off-world as they are monitoring the fc and are there to offer advice and help if problems arise. The only exception to this rule is when games are down and you are currently waiting for games to restart. Once games are back up, you may be advised to hop worlds or leave the chat if you continue to be off-world.

12. NO foul language will be tolerated. This may result in an immediate kick from the friends chat.

13. Players with foul or offensive names will not be permitted in our friends chat or our games. This is at the discretion of the rank leading the games at the time.

14. NO prayer, NO magic spells, and NO abilities are permitted. This includes harmless ones such as Vengeance and activating abilities such as Freedom. The ONLY exception is Surge.

15. NO quick chat is permitted in the friends chat. If you want to tell others your levels, do so in public chat. Quick chat quickly spams up the fc as people tend to reply with their levels via qc as well, thus drowning out the clay calls and rule reminders.

16. Advertising other friends chats (e.g. other non-combat SC clans or personal fc's to run your own games) is not permitted within Fast Sc or at the SC pens in w99.
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For players:
In the case of barriers, report the location and color of the barrier. If you saw for certain who set up the barrier, report their name to the leaders in the fc. If you are on the opposite team as the barrier, break it down as quickly as possible.

In the case of pickpocketing, the name of the person who pickpocketed you will appear in your chat box. Report this name to the leaders.

All chat-based rule offences (language, qc, etc.) will be handled by the leaders in the chat.

Pkers, serial pickpocketers, and serial barrier-makers WILL be based, and removed from games.

In the event of a pker:
DO NOT PANIC. Do not give them the pleasure they seek of seeing us become disorganized or afraid. If everyone does what they should, pkers are nothing to be bothered about.

Unless you are on the Anti-Pk team, continue collecting clay as quickly as you would if there were no pkers. Do not equip weapons, as you will probably be mistaken for a pker yourself. If you are in danger (which will only happen if the pker is on the Anti-Pk team), you can find safety in the fog or bases. Do not set up barriers.

If you are on the Anti-Pk team, you are allowed to equip full armour and engage the rule-breaker AS SOON AS THE LEADING RANK SAYS SO. This is so that the ranks have a chance to make sure the player has had enough warnings before engaging. If necessary, this may mean you have to run into fog or a base for safety until permission is given. The ideal situation would be to contain the pker(s) in their base and beat them so thoroughly they’ll never come back. However, since you are the only ones being attacked, you are all free to continue to collect clay if you wish. You simply have the option of also defending yourselves.
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Unfortunately, we are unable to have Fast Sc ranks in games at all times. During these times, unranked players take it upon themselves to host games, whether it be the starting fc or the Anti-Pk fc. Here, we will go through the steps that you can follow to make the experience of hosting a Fast Sc game as smooth as possible.

We truly appreciate our unranked hosts volunteering their time to help run our games in ranks' absence. If you have any problems that you feel we should know about, please leave a short message in this thread explaining that you need a rank in the fc and/or asking for a General or Owner to add you.

Please do not flame anyone or name them in a negative manner. Please remember that the official leader report is only to be used by our ranked members, thanks.

It is of the utmost importance that you are familiar with our rules yourself. These can be found on the first two pages of this thread.

The very first thing you need to do after volunteering to host a fc is to make sure your fc is open for anyone to join. You can do this by clicking on 'Friends Chat settings' and changing your options to 'anyone' can join.

Please remember that if at any time a Fast Sc rank enters the fc, their instructions are to be followed.
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Quick List Of Points (Detailed Below):

1. Make sure your fc is open for anyone to join.
2. Announce your fc as the new starting fc.
3. Add the other team's host for easier communication.
4. When the game is ending, announce your fc again.
5. In the pens, announce your fc as starting fc a few times.
6. Challenge/accept challenge from other host.
7. Upon entering the game, ask people to join Fast Sc fc.
8. Clear your fc at 19 minutes.
9. Ask people to refer white/blue dots to Fast Sc fc.
10. Call clay locations and ask others to do so.
11. Be calm and communicate with others if a pker appears.
12. Remind people that freeloading slows games down.
13. If you need to leave, attempt to find a replacement host.

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1. Announce immediately within the Fast Sc fc that your fc will be the new starting or anti fc, e.g. '== Attention - New starting fc is Abc123 =='.

2. Ask the previous host if there are any problem players that need to sit games out. If there are, add the players to your ignore list that are sitting for more than 1 game (e.g. pkers). Those who are receiving a one game sit can just be kicked from your fc before you start the next game.

3. Find out who the current host of the opposing team is and ask them to add you to their friends list for easier communication.

4. When the '1 minute remaining' warning appears, ask everyone to deposit their items and hop to your fc. If hosting the starting fc, announce your fc as the starting fc a couple more times before hopping over yourself. If hosting the anti fc, announce that the same players that joined anti in the previous game should rejoin you in your fc (e.g. 'Same team for anti'). Keeping your name hidden until necessary helps prevent pkers crashing games through anti.

5. Once you are in the pens, if hosting start, announce in public chat, 'Starting fc is [insert fc name here]' a few more times. If hosting anti, make sure you have a minimum of 5 players in your fc. Try to ensure they are all above 110 combat. The only exception to this rule is if games are low on numbers. If you require more players, you may advertise your name as the anti fc in pens, such as '2 110+ players join [insert anti fc here].' Most hosts stand to the west side of the pen, just below the entry stile. This makes it easier for the two hosts to locate each other.

6. If hosting start, ask the Anti-Pk leader to challenge you when they are ready. Check the pens to ensure that most of the dots are purple before accepting the other host's challenge. We like our starts to be fast, but we try not to leave people behind if we can help it.

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7. Upon entering the SC game arena, quickly announce in public chat, 'Join Fast Sc please.' Tell the fc that you will be clearing it shortly. At the 19 minute mark, announce, 'Clearing fc: Hop to Fast Sc now please' and kick all remaining players in there. Join Fast Sc yourself.

8. Ask within the Fast Sc fc for everyone to refer white/blue dots to Fast Sc fc.

9. Continue playing the game as normal by making tools and gathering clay. If hosting anti, you and your team may make armour/weapons and anti-pking supplies for protection, though remind them that they are not allowed to equip it unless a pker is present, and even then only after being given permission by you or the other host.

10. Call clay locations as you see them and ask within the fc, 'Everyone call your clay please.'

11. For the remainder of the game, call clays; ask for clay calls; ask white/blue dots to please join Fast Sc. If you see anyone not wielding a staff, ask them to please get one immediately. Remind people to collect until the 1 minute warning and not to freeload.

12. When the '1 minute remaining' warning flashes up, again ask everyone to deposit and announce the start fc for the next game if they were playing on start or to rejoin the anti fc if they were playing on anti.

13. When you need to leave, you may PM a rank in the fc who will handle finding a replacement and any announcements that come with it. If no ranks are present in the fc, please attempt to find a replacement host yourself. Preferably ask someone via PM that you feel is trustworthy and knows what to do. If that isn't an option, ask in the fc for a replacement host. Announce the host change in the fc once a replacement is found.

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In the event of a pker, ask players to give the pker's name, location and team. If the pker is on the starting team, ask the Anti-Pk team to be prepared (but NOT to engage in Anti-Pking duties yet). Locate the pker to confirm that they are really pking, and ask them to stop immediately, reminding them that this is a non-combat clan. If after 2 warnings they refuse to stop, ask the Anti-Pk team to gear up and perform Anti-Pking duties. Give the current location of the pker. Ask the starting team to continue collecting and calling clays. Ask people NOT to deposit anything in the base that the pker may find useful (e.g.: weapons, runes, armour, food or raw clay). Ask anyone who is standing around watching the battle to move away and to continue collecting clay. The quicker the game ends, the quicker you can remove the pker from the games. Both non-ranked hosts should add the pker to their ignore list to ensure that the pker cannot sneak back into games.

If the pker is on the Anti-Pk team, please confirm yourself that the person is actually pking. If they are, warn the starting team that they need to be careful and to deposit their items often to avoid the possibility of losing a lot of points. If possible, help locate a few higher level players to perform Anti-Pking duties. Ask them within the fc to gear up and 'base' the pker if possible. This means they attempt to keep the pker within or near the pker's base to prevent them getting out into the arena and causing more problems. Inform the fc that ONLY those named players may retaliate, and everyone else is to continue playing with caution. If they are attacked, they should retreat to a nearby fog or to their own base. If everyone retaliates, it becomes very hard to confirm who is actually pking, and who is fighting in self-defence. Again, ensure you add the pker to your ignore list.

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During events such as the Minigame Spotlight or Vic the Trader, we typically see far more players in our games than usual. In order to keep things running efficiently, we may opt to split games into multiple smaller groups using the friends chats Fast Sc2, Fast Sc3, etc for this purpose.

Games should NOT be split unless there are at least 30+ players in the game. This helps ensure that there will be enough players to keep both worlds running smoothly, seeing as the minimum is 10 players per world to be able to start a game. However, please keep in mind the reason for splitting games is to keep them fast, not just to get a smaller map. If a larger group is still running fast games, with sufficient calls, then there may not be a need to split yet.

Before trying to split games, please attempt to contact a rank, either through PM, or in our clan chat, 'Fast Sc Cc'. Our ranks are familiar with the process, and would be happy to help out if they deem it to be necessary to split. Conversely, if they don't think games need to be split yet, we ask that you please respect that decision.

If a rank cannot be located, please follow these steps to split games:

1. Look for an empty world - our usual backup worlds are 88 and 77. Starting games on a world with other groups playing, including starting a second Fast Sc game on w99, is discouraged. This causes confusion if both groups arrive at pens at the same time, with both sets of hosts trying to announce the start fcs and players unsure which to join.
2. Arrange hosts for the new world.
3. Announce in the Fast Sc fc that games are going to be split and ask some people to continue playing in the new world.
4. Give everybody plenty of time to hop worlds.
5. Mention that the in-game fc is Fast Sc2 (or higher if starting a third or fourth world) instead of Fast Sc.
6. Continue attempting to notify a rank as soon as possible that games have been split.

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