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A Step Above

We are a friendly and close community that strives to excel at the PvM aspects of Runescape. We welcome players varying from beginners to experienced who all wish to improve themselves at becoming the best PvMers they can be!

-Tier 90 weapons
-Tier 80 power armor
-Yaks(Good for Leaners) & Nihils

1. Show respect to other players
2. Act in a mature manner
3. Actively participate within the clan, such as recruiting, hosting events, etc.
4. Be patient with other members, we understand death is unavoidable!

Clan Information
Time Zone - GMT-4
Home World - 91
Voice Chat -

Ranks are strictly based off of a players PvM statistics. We have a list of 6 goals a player can aim for to obtain a higher rank. Each goal passed will equal 1 rank up. (These are a currently a work in progress)

1. Complete a successful solo in each of the elite dungeons.
2. Able to do at least two roles at vorago.
3. Able to complete a solak duo/7man.
4. Able to perform as a role in a 7man AoD team on titan.
5. Able to score a 750k dps gem with ranged or mage.
- Allowed: Overloads, Prayer
- Not Allowed: Familiar, A pocket slot, Poison, Auras
6. Able to complete a telos kill at 100% enrage or above.

-Daily/Bi-Daily Raids
-Daily/Weekly Vorago Runs (Trios for experienced/4-5man if Learners are involved)
-Per request teaching sessions via screen share.
-Weekly/Monthly Nex:Angel of Death sessions (More members = more frequently)
-Solak Learner Sessions

If you are interested in joining our clan you can contact any of the members stated below or join our discord and ask for a Staff member!

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