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Come join a clan that primarily participates in PKing events, but also does PVM.

Both Mains and Pures are welcome to join, but the requirements are adjusted accordingly.

Are you interested in No Honor Deep Wilderness PKing, but aren't experienced? Want to learn how to PK in a more relaxed environment than the hardcore clans? This entry-level clan is for you.

Requirements to Apply


These are the requirements to apply for a full member rank (i.e. above a Cadet). To apply, see the "apply-here" channel.

There are two categories you can fall into. Either "Main" (above 45 Defense) or "Pure" (45 Defense or lower).


Requirements (Main)
100+ Combat
85+ Ranged
85+ Magic
Edgeville Respawn OR Camelot Respawn

Requirements (Pure)
80+ Combat
90+ Ranged
94+ Magic
Edgeville Respawn


Clan Chat: Reminiscon

Discord Server:
Long live the Wilderness. Long live risk vs reward in PVM. Long live 2006.

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