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I'm a returning player who is looking for a fairly active clan that doesn't require capping at the citadel every week and won't mind that I may not be super active - I have a work life too! I'm not super interested in voice chat either.

Currently, I've worked my way around the game again enough to re-obtain my Max Cape and I'm currently working towards getting my Comp Cape back again. Include something in your post to show you have actually read what I've written. I am also planning to knock out the last requirements I had for Trim, plus the new ones, which was mainly Chompies.

This means I need a clan that is able to assist with some bosses - I have no idea what I'm doing but I also like to do things at my own pace. I'd prefer a relaxed clan chat and I can provide knowledge on what I knew previously but not too much new content.

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We Invite you to come Visit Unthinkable. You can either guest our clan to talk to the members, or you can find us by using our QFC. 290-291-240-66102279

Now you might ask, what can Unthinkable offer you, well:

: We have an active discord.

: Competitions and events for all levels.

: Bossing Experiences from beginner to group bossing.

: A friendly sociable community, filled with All levels.

: Walking and talking Runescape wiki's who obviously know too much.

: A friendly Admin+ team who are always willing to listen and help when needed.

Clan Info:

: Citadel level:

: Clan members:

: Founded:
Founded 9th July 2015, Reopened 30th December 2018.

: Home world:


owner oƒ peaceful bonds

05-Jul-2019 11:29:00

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Greetings Toastcrumbs :)

I'm here to represent clan called Silent Knight and i really hope you'd consider us on your way back to completionist cape and eventually trimmed comp cape. I'm actually working for my comp cape too :P Something about Silent Knight clan: We are a social, skilling and PVM clan that is looking for more members for top tier bossing. We host clan events ranging from Boss Events to Skilling Events. We also offer help to anyone that joins as we have many members knowledgeable in skilling and pvm. Capping is encouraged, but not mandatory.

You can read out about us from our Clan Thread Here
Read our clan rules Here
Apply on our Clan Recruitment Thread

Hope to welcome you to Silent Knight (:

05-Jul-2019 13:49:16

Astral Odlaw
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Astral Odlaw

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We Are Devils Horde.

We're currently a clan of around 60 players, just having a laugh, joking around with each other all whilst playing a game we all love. We have an active discord which we primarily use for voice chat and continuing our laughter there.
There's no work-camp like requirements with the Devils Horde & you're welcome to get as involved as you'd like!


What we can offer you is pretty simple!

• Help with anything! We range from new starters all the way up to comp (t) players.
• Any type of account is welcome, even F2P!
• An active voice chat (Discord) as well as RuneClan monthly events!
•Many, many, laughs


Timezone; Everywhere! We have members from all over the globe.
Citadel; Tier 4! We're getting there, & capping IS NOT mandatory.

If you're still interested, then please Join The Clan Chat and ask one of our lovely clannies for an invite
"Are you a calender? Because your days are numbered!"

05-Jul-2019 13:59:25

Holly x0
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Holly x0

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You're invited!


Friendly, good-natured, easy to talk to

- Helpful social community who prides themselves in helping each other
- All levels welcome!
- Veteran and new players alike
- Players are from all over the world
- Knowledgeable community in PvM and RuneScape in general
- Fair and active leadership
- Discord server and active clan chat

Why should I join?


- We have members who can and are willing to teach and help you with everything you need to know about RuneScape
- Wide variety of events (high and low level) to accommodate players of all types: skilling, PvM
- Your voice and opinion matters, leaders who make time of day for you
- We are constantly evolving to make the clan better for our members

How do I join?


- All guests are welcome in our clan chat or discord always! Stay as long as you like
- To join the clan, guest in our clan chat
and ask anyone for an invite!

We do hope you take us into consideration as we would love to have you join. Good luck in your search!



05-Jul-2019 15:05:59

Wcer Nat
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Wcer Nat

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Hey there!

I'm Leader of TKOE a clan rebuilding from the lost of all deputy owners and leader. Currently we only have 30 active members.


Easy there is none everyone and anyone is welcome! I will not force anyone to do their cap at the citadel but it would be nice if you do

What can TKOE offer you?

Citadel tier 3 working on getting the visits for tier 4
Friends from all over the world
Understanding on anything in the game
Discord channel, best way to keep incontact even if we quit the game

Clan Info

Home world 119
Time zone mostly GMT and EST
Clan Owner Wcer Nat
Deputy Owners Sworn ninja, Prime of Sea (lantadyme W), Debzz, Dont B0ther

How does one move up in the clan?

Must be active ( on at least 3-4 times a week)
Must have some game knowledge
Must be friendly to new recruits
Must at least do half a cap

Feel free to guest the chat at any time or message any of the names above

Please also remember with rebuilding a clan there will not always be someone on. BUt if more people join the more will be on later on!

If you would like more information about the clan feel free to check out our forum at 290-291-280-66011544

ps welcome back to the game. Im working towards my quest cape atm but im stuck with the curse of the black stone. damn elite dungs >.<

Enjoy Scaping!
Owner of Tkoe

05-Jul-2019 18:33:43

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Silent Knight


"Loyalty, Courage, and Honour"


I would personally like to invite you to our clan Silent Knight.

We are a social, skilling, PVM clan that is looking for more members for top tier bossing. We host clan events ranging from Boss Events to Skilling Events. We also offer help to any one that joins as we have many members knowledgeable in skilling and pvm.
Reasons to Join:

Relaxed clan atmosphere
No mandatory events, anyone can create events
Active members from different time zones
Active, fair, and honest leadership with opportunity to advance
Ranking system based on experience gained while in clan shown Here
Ability to advance the Admin Ranks
Tier 7 Citadel
Weekly lotto draws for capping at the Citadel
Discord server

What's Next:

Check our Clan Thread Here
Read our clan rules Here
Apply on our Clan Recruitment Thread
Join our Clan Chat 'Silent Knight' as a guest for an invite

Have fun, and hope to welcome you to Silent Knight
Overseer of Silent Knight

05-Jul-2019 19:27:20

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We cordially invite you to join
The AFKers

If you are looking for;

Non-elitist, non-arrogant, non-boastful environment
Helpful community
Respectful atmosphere
Then we are your go-to hub!


About The AFKers

The AFKers is a clan open to absolutely everyone! There are no combat/total level requirements.
We simply seek peaceful, respectful, and friendly players who love RS, and also love to AFK ^.^
We offer clan Discord and ask for all members to join if able.
Citadel capping is not required but highly appreciated!
Open for guests at any time, Join “The AFKers” in game clan chat.
We are a new, and small clan, which makes it the perfect opportunity to join and grow with us while getting to know everyone!

If interested in us, please join our CC for an invite, or add/speak to any of the admins.


Ms aASHSteel, TrulyBadAtRS, Arsonist, When All Day, Caelestii, Burnin Shark.

Hope to see you soon! ;)
The AFKers

05-Jul-2019 23:11:42

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We ask that new members register on our voice chat but you aren't required to use it afterwards. We match up with your other wants. :)

Invitation To Join The Gladiatorz

Clan Chat: The Gladiatorz / Timezone: EST (GMT-5)
Founded: February, 2001 / Home World: 14
Led by: Beric and AmusedDragon
Clan Type: PvM/Community/Skilling/Monthly Competitions

We are the
oldest clan in Runescape
, founded in February 2001. We offer a warm and welcoming community for players of all levels and experience, a
vast variety of events, ranging from PvM (including raids), skilling, off-site games, and unique monthly competitions
, a Tier 7 Citadel, professional off-site forums, and an active TeamSpeak server.

Our events are primarily held at EST-friendly times, but we have an international membership base and do our best to accommodate everyone.
Our only requirement to join is that your account has Runescape membership.

To join our clan please apply on our off-site forums. Google search for "The Gladiatorz" and we are the first result. Our CC is also open for guesting if you'd like to drop in and get a feel for us.

Hope to see you join the community!
The Gladiatorz

Daily Events
Supportive Community
Active Leadership
18 Years Strong

06-Jul-2019 04:03:58

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Hello, player! You have been invited to join

About the clan

is a lovely clan founded by myself and someone else's alts. It's a very small clan with nothing to offer new members except whatever rank I feel like giving them. We don't have a citadel and we don't do events or talk much.

Advantages over other clans

-We don't have any active members and few active guests.
-No events will ever be planned.
-Nearly dead silent chat for a majority of the day.
-No citadel to slave away at each week.
-Guest PIN is always active to keep literally everyone out except a few cool people.
-No pointless/sketchy offsite to visit.
-Not sure what else but I'm sure there's more cool things I haven't thought of.

Important stuff

-This is my clan and the rules (if I ever make any) are always subject to change.
-I can mute/kick any player I choose for any and no reason whatsoever.
-We do have a discord server but without bots because why bother when every major server already has the important ones:P
-I like lists.
-If you want to join then you must apply on my clan thread or I won't invite you.
-You can PM me for the guest PIN if you want to check out the clan before joining.
-This post is extremely low effort, and I will admit I most likely didn't read your opening post (this is a standard recruiting tactic to save time).

>>>Click here to visit my thread!<<<
The winner of September's MUPAQ award has been chosen!
Congrats Tuffty!

Do you like towels?

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