Clanless Again...

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hey its arycelle9080

just left a clan due to a conflicting issue

im looking for a friendly based clan where people respect one another and isnt easily butthurt over a opinion

im lvl 128
no maxed skills

well if anyones interested...

Discord: A1gisXR90#8023

IM also hoping for admin+ positions or ways to build up to that status
*-_-*-_-*-_-* Lave*za9080*-*-*-*-* -*-**-* Let TheLight Guide You

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sai xD
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sai xD

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Astral Turtles

We are Astral Turtles!

I will try and make this as short and sweet as possible :-)

Astral Turtles is a family. We look out for each other. We aim to grow at a steady pace which allows you to get to know each-other instead of having to meet a new person every 2 minutes. :-P

We have a wide variety of events to offer to our clannies, meaning there is something for everyone! We do things like, dungeoneering, pvm, skilling and sometimes just chatting about pointless things :-P. We have a pretty good sense of humor, as long as you can deal with some sarcasm and good old banter. We have a wide variety of levels, from people who are maxed to those with under 500 total level.

Events and capping are not mandatory, but appreciated :-).

If you would like to join post here, join our clan chat as a guest or PM one of our contact point clan members listed below. We always keep our PM's on!

Contact points :
Matmano9 -/- Cheeselets
Ripper Man5 -/- Annarawrs
Jj Oo Ee Yy -/- Pandaa BOT
Sai xD / Sai v2 -/- Zabooma
Kylethedwarf -/- Easy to Tilt

Clan Information:
• Clan Chat: Astral Turtles
• Home world: 88
• Clan Time: GMT / EST - Events are made to suit most time zones!
• Citadel: Tier 7 - Maxed citadel with Dragon
• Voice Chat: Discord
• Requirements: None
• Thanks to clan updates everyone has a permanent 3% xp buff which can be increased up to 6%!

Click here for our recruitment thread! :-)
:( s a d b o y s :(

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Oranje Duif
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Oranje Duif

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I am from Chill zone a social clan with some requirements! more in that soon!

1: A friendly environment for you to grow in and experiment in.

2: Events will be hosted and can be hosted by anyone, Impromptu events are always welcome.

3@ You are allowed to guest and become a clan friend or until you meet our requirements.

Now why would i want to join this clan?

You might ask yourself that, well why not? Honestly why not give it a shot!

Come join us, get to know us, Join our discord and get involved in social activities.
Ask for a citadel tour if your new to the game or even general questions will be answered and heard.

Of course we can always invite you to one of our events or ask to join! we welcome all people.

Time zones.

Our main timezone currently is European

This is to give you a bit more of a chance to see where we are most active and if this is the clan for you to join, After all we all want to come together as a family.

We do have some rules! but more on that in our main thread down below.

We also love humor and jokes - But do be wary to stop when someone asks you to! we all want to enjoy our time together.

Comfort Zone.

Hope to see you there!"

arycelle9080, it seems your discord is lacking the 4 numbers, Can't add you.
Favouritismbtw - Love and light doesn't fix everything, neither does being blind to problems - Favouritismbtw.

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Hey Ary!

My name is Dragonz809 and I am formally inviting you to check out our clan, Kia Kaha. We are an active, social, diverse, community-focused clan that is there to help and guide any clanmates and have fun together! We also host a variety of events, from skilling competitions to doing PvM from time to time. All of our events are completely OPTIONAL so you don't have to feel the pressure. Please feel free to join us as a guest and if you are interested, we hope to see you soon!

To learn more, our QFC is 288-289-170-66118388.

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Solo Muffin
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Solo Muffin

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• • • • • • • • • •


Hey! I would like to invite you to join

• We are the largest LGBT+ community in game

• Everyone is welcome!

• We are a well established clan with over 400 members.

• We have a very active Discord server!

• Capping and attending events is not mandatory and does not effect the ranking system.

General Information

• Homeworld: 23

•Timezone: Game time

•Number of members: 400+

•Citadel: Tier 7

•Discord available

•Weekly events

•Feel free to check out our
Recruitment Thread
if you are interested! You can also check out the clan via guesting we always have people online, Come and say hi!

• • • • • • • • • • •
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River S0ng
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Hello Arycelle9080, I'd like to warmly extend an invitation for you to join the Mafia!

The Mayhem Mafia
started with a few friends who are sick of “normal” clans and wanted something entirely different.
Est. 10/25/16

What can The Mayhem Mafia offer someone like yourself?

We're a casual, social clan with a wonderful, random assortment of players from all over- new, veteran, returning players, maxed, pvm'rs and bankstanders, all who are surprisingly knowledgeable and try to provide a fun playing atmosphere for everyone. We strongly value our community with our clanmates and we treat them as family. Great bonds of friendship are formed that way, don't you think?

While our focus has mainly been being a social clan, we have recently started to branch out into PVM. We have people who are willing to teach almost any boss! We also have many friends in the PVM community who are willing to teach what we are unable to.

If you want help with something or have a question, we’ll be more than happy to assist.

If you’re looking for witty banter and fun, with some new friends to pick on, then The Mayhem Mafia is the right place for you.

For further information, or if you'd like to join, feel free to reach out to any member or myself, if I'm on, or just stop by the clan chat as a guest and say hi and check us out!
If you stop in and it's quiet, don't fret, we all have our downtime or busy. Just give time for a response.

Most of all... Have fun! Hope to see you soon!

º|º General Info º|º

The Mayhem Mafia
Est. 10/25/16

›› Homeworld: 44
›› Time Zone: Game Time
›› Number of Members: 210
›› Citadel: Tier 7
›› Discord channel
›› Clan Competitions
Spoilers Sweetie!

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Discord: A1gisXR90#8023

im just looking for a clan thats friendly and know for the fact i can grow to be an Admin+ all im really looking for i thought i found the perfect clan but sadly people are too easily butthurt over one anothers opinions.

best of luck.
.P.S. only add my discord if you know what i seek Fits you...
i had ppl add me and say completely nothing
*-_-*-_-*-_-* Lave*za9080*-*-*-*-* -*-**-* Let TheLight Guide You

05-Oct-2019 15:57:53

Holly x0
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Holly x0

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You're invited!


Friendly, good-natured, easy to talk to

- Helpful social community who prides themselves in helping each other
- All levels welcome!
- Veteran and new players alike
- Players are from all over the world
- Knowledgeable community in PvM and RuneScape in general
- Fair and active leadership
- Discord server and active clan chat

Why should I join?


- We have members who can and are willing to teach and help you with everything you need to know about RuneScape
- Wide variety of events (high and low level) to accommodate players of all types: skilling, PvM
- Your voice and opinion matters, leaders who make time of day for you
- We are constantly evolving to make the clan better for our members

How do I join?


- All guests are welcome in our clan chat or discord always! Stay as long as you like
- To join the clan, guest in our clan chat
and ask anyone for an invite!

We do hope you take us into consideration as we would love to have you join. Good luck in your search!



05-Oct-2019 17:34:30

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. . ¸,.



You have been formally invited to DysF
uncTionaL MaFiA!

We are an upcoming 18
+ social clan based in the

UK time zone, an
d are looking for new faces to add to our

Why are we dysfunctional?

Cause we like a little rebellious and warped sense of f
un! Social

misfits are welcome here! We take in p2p &
f2p players alike,

and have no level requirements to
join other than be friendly

and fol
low Jagex Rules.


- What we have to offer you -

• Weekly Events
• Experienced advice
• Discord with voice chat
• Friendly active clan chat
• PVM Bossing(All tiers) (Learners welcomed)
• Citadel in progress

Discord Link: NYqHtVw
Clan Chat: Dysfunctional Mafia
Forum QFC: 290-291-451-66121914

A Dysfunctional Princess

Owner of DysFuncTionaL MaFiA

05-Oct-2019 18:01:16

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left off important info

level 128
Eastern pacific timezone
usually in world 26 or 138
no maxed skills but trying to work hard in maxing prayer which is 95

Mild pvmer i like pvming sorta
sometimes clueless on what to do on RS
Recently achieved Quest Cape so i have Alot of quest Knowledge.

Wants to be an Admin+
Thinks new skill necromancy or w.e would be meaningless
im only on not all day but for 3-4 hours depending on what im doing

worst con

Some Clan Ownere think of me as
Complete Loser
Complete Idiot
lastly Why are u even a member of runescape your lack of pvming makes u meaningless

all i can say
*-_-*-_-*-_-* Lave*za9080*-*-*-*-* -*-**-* Let TheLight Guide You

05-Oct-2019 21:18:26

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