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Hello Ctrl Shift C! I'm not sure if you are looking for an ironman only clan because sadly we are not an ironman only clan. We are an EU based clan though with an active discord that uses VC (mainly in the evenings). We would be happy if you gave us a chance and guest with us! Hope to see you soon.

Below I have added some general information about our clan with the quick find code include. If you still have any questions feel free to contact me ingame!


Welcome to Dragonkite!

Clan colors: Red & Black
Home world: 21

Where do we stand for?:

At the moment we are a small clan of friends determined to make
grow and be strong again. As a new clannie this means you can be a part of this if you so wish. We’re interested in your ideas, plans and events. We focus on making a place that fits for everyone. We find it important that a new member becomes a part of the group before joining, we do not treat you as a number instead we will work hard to get to know you better.

What can we offer?:

* An active group of people based on the European time zone
* An active Discord for socializing outside of Runescape
* We are currently working on setting up regular events for both skilling and bossing, all events are not mandatory
* Citadel: capping is not mandatory, yet we appreciate it when you do.

Our guest channel:

For information, check out our clans forum thread: 290-291-841-66092809

Working on Master Quest cape
120 thieving
120 prayer
120 farming

26-Jul-2019 08:44:17

Sen of Zaros
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Sen of Zaros

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Hello Ctrl Shift C!

The Mayhem Mafia
started out with a few friends who are sick of “normal” clans and wanted something entirely different. If you’re looking for a place where freedom of expression is glorified and XP gainz are real, continue reading to see if you can keep up.

What can The Mayhem Mafia offer someone like yourself? I’m glad you asked. We're a casual, social clan with a random assortment of maxed players, pvmers and bankstanders who are surprisingly knowledgeable and try to provide a fun playing atmosphere for everyone.

While our focus has mainly been being a social clan, we have recently started to branch out into PVM. We have people who are willing to teach almost any boss! We also have many friends in the PVM community who are willing to teach what we are unable to.

We strongly value our community with our clanmates and we treat them like family. Great bonds of friendship are formed that way. We are home to players from all over with a mix of new, veteran, and returning players.

If you'd like to join, feel free to reach out to any member or me, or stop by the clan chat as a guest to check us out!

º|º General Info º|º

The Mayhem Mafia
Est. 10/25/16

Homeworld: 44
Time Zone: Game Time
Number of Members: 199
Citadel: Tier 7
Discord channel available

Speak with you soon,

Sen of Zaros

There is never really enough Slayer. c:

27-Jul-2019 14:33:21

Kawaii Ahri
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Kawaii Ahri

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Dare to be different... become a misfit...
A leader of Mischievous Misfits you can
check out our thread HERE
Thy Art Is Murder are amazing

27-Jul-2019 16:32:51

TRE Central

TRE Central

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The Roman Empire

TRE's gates are open to all those seeking a strong, diverse, and innovative community with strong blue blooded-branding. For 15 years TRE has offered people a thematic community anchored around an interactive and social culture, succeeding in adapting to game evolution and the ever increasing average age of the player base.

TRE offers numerous activities and ways to be involved, including a point-based ranking system called denarius. No favoritism in Rome! Our footprint exists on both the RS3 and Old School platforms each unified by a strong and highly organized Discord server.

Notable Features

Acta Diurna
TRE produces a monthly newspaper known as the Acta Diurna which is organized by our Scribaes (administrative office) and community contributors. January-July 2019 has produced 8 volumes all archived on Discord.

Weekly Meetings
TRE is a large community maintaining the small community atmosphere by hosting weekly meeting on Tuesday nights at 8:30PM EST. While things are coordinated via Discord, it is the ruling philosophy of TRE to retain a strong ingame community culture where people gather regularly.

TRE utilizes a central bank stored on a TRE-owned account. Revenue for funds are produced via donations from the community along with specified events. All revenue is used to distribute raffle prizes, event rewards, etc. Since 2016 TRE has produced and spent billions.

Basic, yet essential, is the presence of frequent events. TRE has administrative offices solely tasked with event coordination and maintaining them on a weekly basis.

Looking for a shot to demonstrate your leadership capabilities? TRE maintains a large administration that is very merit based. Show your stuff and there may be a place for you!

Be sure to check our thread, and if interested, pop into the clan chat.
The Roman Empire
Established 2004
Inquire today - Rome awaits You

27-Jul-2019 22:36:17

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