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Hey there friend, we'd be glad to welcome you to our clan
Guardians of Unity

-We're a bunch of easy going and friendly folks
-Adventurous, lots of PVM, and Skilling
-Capping NOT Required But Appreciated
-Tier 7 Citadel
-People ALWAYS ONLINE 24/7 ;)

So come check us out! Visit us for a couple weeks and see what you think.
If you have any questions, please feel free to DM
Myself (the owner)
25 Rush
katie lou-x
, or
Xinix Xaxx


06-Jul-2019 23:39:59



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Jr The Black said:

We don't care about your stats except how they pertain to your goals. We would LOVE to have another good person in our clan. We will treat you with respect and be interested in the goals that you have personally. We are looking to grow our members beyond just numbers. Please join our well established veteran community that targets new and returning players, ironman players, and veterans who like to give back a little. More info posted below :)

Honestly Jack, and to everyone else who says the same.. I don't have any goals. Perhaps I will find some.. who knows but right now I'm literally just here to have fun and participate in activities or random sh*t throughout the day.

The freedom to discuss anything & everything without people getting butthurt is a huge bonus. I will cycle through the clans listed and see what's up. Thanks for all the invites thus far, appreciate y'all

07-Jul-2019 00:36:13

Kawaii Ahri
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Kawaii Ahri

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Dare to be different... become a misfit...
A leader of Mischievous Misfits you can
check out our thread HERE
Thy Art Is Murder are amazing

07-Jul-2019 13:29:12

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The Savage Cabbages
is a skilling/social/fun RS3 clan where everyone is welcome. Non-members, members, veterans, noobs. We will help you with quests, tasks, and just any general questions. Our clan is a fun place for general chatting while skilling and learning (or re-learning!) the game.

We are doing clan events; we are bossing and help each other with reaper tasks and also have citadel parties. We love any assistance as well! We're all newish to bossing and would love any advice as well. It's all a learning process. While we're a skilling clan, we do also enjoy bossing on occasion.

Our Citadel is currently tier 5 and we are working hard to level it up even more.

To rank in our clan all we need to see is involvement in events, meetings (when we have them), and capping. While capping is not mandatory, it is really appreciated.

Come check us out, we're open to guests. If you want an invite ask anyone currently in the clan chat, or shoot me or ExaltedWalrus a pm. You can also send me a message on discord: 2dragon4u2 #1530
The Savage Cabbages want you to join our clan!


07-Jul-2019 18:33:48

Yoda Utf
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Yoda Utf

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Crimson Court cordially invites you!

~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~
Crimson Court
~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~

Incluseive To Everyone

~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~
Recruiting and Accepting
~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~

++ ALL levels ++
-- Iron/Hardcore & Normal --
~ We Are Friendly ~
~ We are Helpful ~
~ We are Mature ~
~ And Well-rounded ~
~ Founded 2011 ~

Crimson Court was established on September 24th 2011 by X Dragon X,
Starsrising, Jesse16s, Cpl Baker and Mystwillow. We are a well rounded clan that emphasizes a mature, positive and helpful atmosphere.
We pride ourselves on a clan chat that is welcoming of everyone of all levels, simply asking that all members remain respectful. Our clan members enjoy everything from socializing and skilling to high level PvM so we have something for everyone.

~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~
Why Join Crimson Court?
~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~

Official Clan forums **
Clan Discord Chat **
Clan Facebook Page **
**Not required to use**
Ranked in the top 100 of the clan hiscores
T7 citadel with a 3%-6% XP bonus anywhere
We do not require capping each week

~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~
Our Leaders
~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~

Clan Owner - Lord Drageth

Deputy Owner (s)

-Raven Queen
-Yoda Utf

additional information:
Please contact Yoda Utf in game
or simply come guest our clan chat
Thank you so much for considering us
and we're looking forward to hearing from you!

Quick find code: 290-291-51-66107039

07-Jul-2019 19:08:44

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Your stats aren't even a consideration for us unless you want them to be.
Hi there! I represent a Social Clan named
Guardian Academy
! We are currently looking for members to join us that:

-> Are P2P members

-> Want to be active in our clan

-> Will want to join discord and actively participate in it ( although not required)

-> Will cap each week they are able to

-> Are from all different types of timezones

-> Will possibly be interested in becoming a part of our leadership staff

-> Will actively chat in the clan chat channel

-> Will want to participate and attend events, and possibly host their own

-> Have enthusiasm to give feedback/opinions to help better shape the clan

-> Have the drive to share game knowledge with those who have questions, and hang out with fellow clan members

Tl;dr:  We are looking for members to be ACTIVE in our community, and not just join for a chat to read while they play. We strive for quality of our members over the amount of members we have.

If you want to read more about our clan, you may do so by clicking here or joining our discord server with this link

Please contact any of the following for questions or an invite:
Elaryina, Strifeful, MaskOfTruth, ahh a wolf, Maero Delana

We do hope you take us into consideration, as we would love to have you join
The Guardian Academy
. Good luck in your search!

07-Jul-2019 19:24:07

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