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Chip Roll
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Chip Roll

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Hey guys 15 year vet on Runescape

Almost 2b xp on RS MTX but made the move over to OSRS.

Im 1982 total and going for max and looking for a UK skilling/PvM clan if anyone's interested

21-Sep-2019 13:22:03

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21-Sep-2019 15:51:39

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Please read oldschool forum
posts 320-321-123-65921801

CM Brandon said
"CM Brandon

Hello everyone!

Please note that the Recruitment – Looking for a clan section of the forums is specifically for RuneScape, not Old School RuneScape, so please avoid creating threads in this forum for OSRS clans as you'll only be receiving replies from RuneScape clan leaders.

If you're looking to join a clan in Old School RuneScape, the best places to do so will be detailed below.

If you're seeking a specific clan which suits your Old School RuneScape needs, it's suggested that you check out the Old School Clans section of the forums to browse the threads of recruiting clans, where you can post your application on the thread of your choice.

Alternatively, you may post a general application for Old School clans on the Looking For A Clan thread, where the leaders of recruiting clans can review your application and reach out to you directly via PM for an invite.

Good luck on your journey to find a clan!"

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