20 Unwanted Levels

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Bloody Pimp
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Bloody Pimp

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I started questing and I was under the impression that the XP Button was able to Toggle On/Off.
So i turned it off so I wouldnt gain Attack Levels. Well upon completion of the Quest: Vampire Slayer i Recieved 20 Unwanted Levels of Attack, my character since creation has been a Range Tank and now my Account is screwed because your so called Xp Button didnt work.
Please help me by returning my Attack Skill Level to 1. I know I'll be losing that experience forever, and Im ok with that.

Please Please Please, Reset My Attack Skill Level back to 1, otherwise Ill have to give a horrible review on the Google Play Store. Some people build thier characters certain ways and from now on I'll watch out for the types of xp given as a reward from quests, cause now I feel i wasted double the hours cause i have to restart if you cant help me.

Thank you for an Impeccably, Amazing Mobile Experience... Please Help.
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22-Jun-2019 08:43:20



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Rollbacks aren't possible! In RS3 you get prize in combat xp lamps instead of direct attack xp in OS! You should always read guides and wiki before finishing a quest or task to avoid unwanted xp gains! My goals and achievements on F2P accounts! ---> Thread! <---

22-Jun-2019 10:12:01

Aethel Wolf
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This sounds like it is for Old School. The XP button is simply a counter to track your experience gains, not an option to turn off exp. Also, there is no such thing as being rewarded partially upon completing quests. As mentioned, always read quest guides before even attempting to do the quest in the first place.

Unfortunately there are no means of reset for Old School accounts. I'm sorry that this had to be learnt the hard way... :(

22-Jun-2019 10:48:46

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