How to Improve Stone Spirits

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A stone spirit is supposed to be as good as an ore, except that it prevents people from getitng ores without doing some mining.

In practice, though, stone spirits are not very valuable.

This makes sense: if I want to train Smithing without doing a lot of mining to get the ores, I'd go to the Grand Exchange to buy ore, not stone spirits.

But it has occurred to me that there's another problem.

I take stone spirits with me when I mine to get "free" ore.

How often do I have to click?

Every time my backpack gets full, I click once to fill my ore box, then once back on the rock.

So to get X amount of ores, with or without stone spirits, I click the same number of times. The only thing I save is time, I get ore quicker.

Well, then, it's obvious what has to be done to fix stone spirits so that they're worth something, and it seems like each one gives you an ore for free.

Have the extra ore from a stone spirit get sent straight to your metal bank.

06-Mar-2019 20:26:01

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