How to Improve Stone Spirits

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Draco Burnz said:
XSlay4DeathX said:
Considering how common they are, it's not just about my profits, it's game breaking to add 200gp drops at a common rate.

Fail to see how it is?

XSlay4DeathX said:
starting to get the feeling you don't play the game and if you do, you afk-scape while no lifing forum count.

Could say the same here.

Seeing as you favour skilling i'll make up a plot where skilling has same effect, tell me if you agree.

Lets say JaGeX added a skilling method where you have to pay 500k per hour plus has chances to break your pickaxe and at zero percent it costs a new dragon pickaxe to repair but this method gains 3-5m+ an hour since it's not fully afk. Have to move around the room to follow the rocks to get most profit, sound good right? But what if JaGeX decides to make it so on top of all those repair costs to make it so your pickaxe can massively fail and break the ore into shards. shards are useless.

^that would be close to PvM's issue with stone spirits, would waste your time if you skilled in that place and 40%-78% of your profits are lost on top of dragon pickaxe's as repair which would equal to PvM's gear degrades/death fees/loss profits from stone spirits.

don't give me the PvM killed Skilling money making, it honestly never made much as it's afk, and I do disagree with the recent nerfs to skilling onyx @ gem rocks and divine-o-matic nerf.
Proof of this is runecrafting makes 6m+ an hour if your fast and it's not afkable, reason I have 600k+ pure essence :P

19-Mar-2019 00:45:53

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