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Bring back the 2007-2010 Wildereness.


With the loss of the Divine-o-matic on death, a few less players will have a reason to go to the Wilderness. And that's an already small number of players going out there.

Bounty Hunter is going away soon. Some of the rewards there are already below top tier anyways, so it doesn't really hurt anything.

People have been complaining about the XP output from Warbands for years being OP, yet nothing was done about it.

Oh, and a lot of your pkers left in 2007 with the loss of Wildy PK and more left in 2012 with the change over to EOC, and a few more left with the release of OSRS. I'd argue most who are left are more griefer than a pure hearted pker. And fir the love of god, this is an issue that has been going on for 6 years now.

Your attempt to "Revive the Wilderness" back in 2016 with all of the various content didn't do as well as anyone hoped.

Accept it. YOU. FAILED.

Remove pking in the Wilderness.

Nerf any content as you see fit (Demonic Skull, Warbands, etc etc etc).

Add in the artificially necessary "risk" (ie: Roaming Revenants, some sort of damage over time, etc).

Let us move on.

Make the Wilderness accessible to the entire playerbase.

Or better yet ....... unlock behind a GP payment or even a 1 time bond payment. You want the stuff in the Wildy ... well we remove PVP but you either have to give us 1 bond for use it for the rest of the game, or dump 50-100m gp. There, now we no longer have to nerf anything.

18-Feb-2019 13:56:14

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Don't bother this is jagex in a nut shell.

Release heist, people enjoy it, but rewards are very limited.

Jagex responded with more rewards to come soon.

Jagex don't release the rewards the mini-game dies.

Jagex response, no point in updating rewards, no-one is playing.
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18-Feb-2019 13:58:44

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Good idea! And while at it, why don't Jagex save a crapload of money and reduce the number of RS3 servers, Most words has 100-300 players at any given time, often less. If they did that, forgot nostalgia and removed pvp from wildy, then maybe they could salvage the main game. Ironically, it's OSRS that's the most played game these days, 4/5 are playing OSRS to the 1/5 RS3. As it is, every day RS3 seems more and more like a single player game. Sad but true

18-Feb-2019 14:17:09

Mr Rey Ray
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Mr Rey Ray

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No support, We need more pvp achievements.

Jagex did fix divine vacuum from being abused by people using the item to farm lots of gp, with no effort, so sorry to burst your bubble, but it was a good change.
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18-Feb-2019 14:45:29

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Use that space for Dragonkin city or something. Have questlines that restore the area into a unique landscape that people want to actually be in cause now its more of a desert than Nardah.

18-Feb-2019 14:51:42

Nyx Aeterna
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Nyx Aeterna

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Support, The wildy has 0 pvp is full of griefers and bots collection cursed.

Player vs Player means 2 players fighting; what happens in the wildy is called p/k and mostly griefing.

Do you want pvp achievements ask for some/more CW, SW, FP and Deathmatch related.

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18-Feb-2019 15:23:21

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To be honest - they should introduce a handful of worlds for players who want to bash their own skulls in with the current ruleset and rewards - or why not even darkscape-esque global pvp. So if skillers are stupid enough then wanting to be treated as prey - fine enough. Maybe it actually works for once then.

The remaining worlds just should have pvp disabled. Roaming revenants could certainly be an interesting idea - why not even use the demonic skull to have increased rewards for increased risk for normal worlds then?
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