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RS3 doesn't need any OSRS content
Fossil island isn't OSRS content, it's in RS3 - by in I mean it exists through ingame references.

I personally hope ours is nothing like OSRS's fossil island.

The latest official Jagex reference of Fossil Island was a voting of:

The Arc vs Fossil Island

And players voted for The Arc and Jagex announced they would not make Fossil Island. Since then, Jagex never made another announcement of Fossil Island.

Therefore feel free to discuss about it since it might come sometime in the future as Jagex never stated it wont come in rs3.

Sure, feel free to discuss anything in the future, since anything can happen.

However, let me also remind you Jagex also said they are not keen to make any new maps. They want to go for reworking of existing maps rather. They don't even want to create Arprosanda for the same reason of "rework over new maps" although unlike Fossil Island, Arpro was clearly referenced in RS3 since over 10 years ago.

First off, the museum curator says the island is north of Morytania. NORTH, not EAST. Secondly, Fossil island HAS been referenced for over ten years, ever since the 2007 and museum rework 12 years ago.

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