Another DXPW, just stop!

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Blackwing said:
F4 said:
These things have been going on for like 10 years now. How are you people still bitching about them?

Because they're still bad for the game, simple as that: they damage the economy, they give the people who are able to attend them an unfair advantage, and they further add to the issue of dead content in the game because they further speed up people breezing through the early and midgame. From the tone of your post, it sounds like you just want people to stop complaining about it for the sake of it, but why do that when Jagex could easily cease doing dxp weekends and the complaints would thus resolve naturally?

Damage the economy? Wtf are you talking about. 10 years to get used to this pattern with an occasional change in the schedule. If you're still buying supplies after a BXP announcement instead of right after a BXP weekend or selling your crafted items during the BXP weekend instead of a few months out, you're an idiot. If the weekends were more sporadic and infrequent then you might have a point, but things now move in predictable cycles. It doesn't ruin the economy, it drives the economy.

Sorry, but just because your schedule doesn't allow you to participate doesn't mean it's an unfair advantage. The event is open to all, it's not Jagex's fault you're busy. When Jagex puts BXP weekends behind a paywall then you can make that argument (not counting p2p vs f2p).

Early and midgame content are a breeze because Jagex has overdone exp in general over the years. But that's a completely different discussion. A weekend is not changing anything.

The bitching and complaining has gotten you guys no where over the years. The majority of people enjoy them hence the continuation of them and now increased frequency. You're almost as bad as the people that complain about EoC still.

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I'm not sure what the point of posting the schedule was. Feb/March are within 1 month of each other. Sep/Oct are within 1 month of each other. Nice try attempting to exaggerate things. But all you've done is shown they indeed come at predictable times. There will be one in the beginning of the year and one closer to the end.

Anything else added in between is just extra. And like I said in my post there are times to buy/sell supplies. All your stuff should have been bought or sold before this announcement was made anyways. If you can't figure it out by now, stay poor.

21-Jul-2019 15:27:22

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