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I feel like nerfing the xp rates of things is fine, but nerfing the breeding rate seems like a slap in the face for anyone that will eventually be getting the 1,000,000 beans in the future.

Also affected by the breeding nerf, would be anyone needing the E-I-E-I-O achivement, you'll have to basically focus on one single type at a time with the future updates that are suggested.

This will DRASTICALLY increase the time for these achievements. You want to nerf the beans:xp ratio in the shop, double the cost of the Woody beans, but nerfing the breeding rate seems highly excessive.

23-Jul-2019 21:13:55

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"Breeding in non-breeding pens is 5 times less likely to succeed and 5 times slower, the current breeding rate remains the same in the breeding pen."

I agree that Jagex should NOT nerf the breeding rate in non-breeding pens; at least not to the degree (5 times less likely) that they are proposing.

I do however think that the XP rates at PoF are a little high and essentially discourages players from relying on traditional farming methods. That part of the update may bring some more stability to the internal economy and Farming experience rate gains.

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All they need to do is lower the XP gained and make magic beans take longer to grow instead of growing instantly.

Why Jagex wants to make changes that will make POF not even worth doing at all I can't understand.

Anyone who has tried to feed Zygos knows the food is too expensive to buy, or takes too long to gather yourself in the Arc or from ganos, so I got Joyful as a trait on my zygos and completely stopped feeding them.

Dragons and chinchompas I feed once a week by filling the troughs. I'm not sure how fast animals eat now, but it sounds like Jagex plans to increase how much food they consume which if so will totally kill farming making it dead content.

They don't need to be messing with everything, the only things they need to change are XP rates and magic beans.

Jagex should not be messing with the breeding rates in pens, just the XP gained.

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I think the insta-grow beans are still a fantastic thing, they just need to increase the cost of them. Currently you can get about 5 elder trees per 3 days. If they increase the cost to 12k you'd be looking at 1-2 beans per 3 days instead.

I believe the solution would be:

Nerf XP rated by 40-60%
Leave breeding rate alone
Maybe increase the food consumption, but not as drastically as they are proposing
Increase the cost of Magic Bean (Woody) to 10-12k per bean.

This should allow for achievements to be manageable, still require daily visits to the farm, lowers the xp rates, and raises the cost of regular seeds like Magic Seeds, because they will become viable again.

24-Jul-2019 01:23:51

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I understand the xp nerf, but not everything else. However, the ""sample" they showed, and I'm assuming there are many, have nothing to do with breeding times or high xp, but someone having bought a butt ton of Treasure Hunter keys and buying their way to 99 farming. If they wanted to do it, using examples like that shouldn't have been used. Aside from super low level animals with crap xp, nothing breeds that fast in 5 hours or whatever,. That's just ridiculous.

24-Jul-2019 01:54:20

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It was fun while it lasted (and of course JAGEX can't allow FUN to happen...)

More food used, slower breeding, a LOT less XP... GREAT IDEA! I'm sure the community will be fine with it. (sarcasm off).

I'm so glad I've finished everything at POF... All rewards, all tasks... I'll just yank all my dragons, store them and forget that POF exists.

Shame... It WAS a favorite part of my Runescape day.

Way to go, Jagex.
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24-Jul-2019 06:42:24

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I guess some adjustment really was in order - but honestly not adjusting it with a sledgehammer.

The problem is the farm was balanced (xp-wise) to only have the breeding pen available for breeding - so exactly this one should not be nerfed at all. That non-breeding pen breeding was allowed was desperately needed for the too high bean requirements for everything. So if you nerf bean income once again, then nerf bean requirements and costs for unlockables as well - the costs for consumables are fine still.

A xp nerf for the higher tiered animals is okay, not so much for low tier creatures, which aren't that great anyway.

Having your animals to be kept happy and healthy for maximum xp is a good change as well, increased food consumption not so much - especially for expensive animals like zygos.

If the breeding rate already is cut by 5 it's not enough to double the shiny rate to compensate - it should at least be quintupled - moreso for dragons due to their unique breeding mechanic for shinies.
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24-Jul-2019 07:10:56

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Rikornak said:
Having your animals to be kept happy and healthy for maximum xp is a good change as well

i wouldn't say so, considering growing animals almost ever are full hp and happiness, and honeycomb only raise 10% each.

24-Jul-2019 07:45:45



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The xp nerf I can understand. They can go for that.

But making more food needed and nerfing breeding rates in non breeding pens are a bad move. Now its even more maintence instead of a fun thing you can check once in a while.

Dailyscape is bad enough they want hourscape now. And you have to be there all the time if you want your new 1/5 breeding chance to work. The breeding chance nerf kills my motivation to bother with any other pen but breeding pen.

Is time gating content their new grand plan? Just made a new island that literally says wait and wait. Have fun new players in making progress on poh with only 1 animal pen doing anything for you.

25-Jul-2019 00:14:16

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