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The Fate of
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The Fate of

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I'm okay with everything except the breeding changes and the feed increase.

Increasing the feed amount makes sense, but the proposed increase is, to put it bluntly, ludicrous:

- 80 food per animal per day for Small
- 120 food per animal per day for Medium
- 154 food per animal per day for Large

The irony of it all is that the worst offenders to the XP creep that POF caused (ie. the entire point of this update), the Dragons, will be the least affected! Getting raw meat or fish in large enough quantities isn't that difficult, even ignoring the option to buy a bunch for cheap at the spa. Meanwhile, Zygomites are going to become nearly impossible to feed, because mass harvesting the necessary amount of shrooms is already a massively time-consuming process.

The better solution would be to nerf Dragons into the ground (and probably lesser nerfs to Spiders, Yaks, Chins, and Zygos). The proposed XP nerf is reasonable, but Dragons would probably survive having another 10-15% carved off of them.

Meanwhile, the proposed breeding change WILL more or less kill off the entire PoF altogether. 20% of the current rates and times will mean that there will be virtually no point in raising animals in any pen but the breeding one. You're talking an 8% chance every two and a half hours FOR RABBITS. Rabbits! Meanwhile, 16% for a dragon once every three days is absurd given the planned XP nerf. In theory it could work under the current rates, but it would make achievements even more time consuming.

In my opinion:

- Keep the proposed XP nerf, and heredity tweaks.
- Nerf the proposed feed changes (although have it be a net increase to the current rate-- large animals in particular could probably get away with a larger increase)
- Scrap the breeding change and, by extension, the shiny trait change (as the trait change would be OP under current rules).

25-Jul-2019 03:51:26

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My pens will all be empty, save the Drags. Once I get my Royal, I don't think I'll do the content at all, anymore.

The XP nerf is needed, I believe. The breeding rate nerf and food consumption changes are what will kill this for me.

Never typed RIP before, but...RIP, POF.

It was nice for a bit!

25-Jul-2019 08:39:56

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-Feed -
Probably the one that calls for the most thought: The way I mathed it out, it's designed so a full standard pen consumes 1/3 of a food per minute. to get a full trough (1000 food), that's 3000 minutes, or 50 hours, though in practical terms that will be shaved down some to make way for standard pen breeding.

If you're running skeleton crews (2 to a pen), small bin will last almost 3x longer (babies gotta eat too), mediums willl last almost twice as long, smalls will last almost 50% longer.

Even if you're taking out babies as they're born, then just raising 2 at a time to keep your feed costs consistent, that's still 150 hours for a small pen, 100 hours for a medium and 75 hours for a large, which is almost reasonable with the exception of mushrooms. My advice in that regard is twofold:
Cut the proposed food consumption rate in half, and enable Zygomotes to consume Variety Mush. Eliminate Mushroom Mush.
. Fungi will grow on dead things and aid in decay, so it doesn't make sense to render them solely cannibalistic.

I think it's widely agreed that XP is too steep at PoF, and the proposed changes sound excellent, but you might need to
start with a little status leeway for faster growing animals, or start them all at high stats and let them raise or diminish from there.
I also advise
making woody (and maybe fruit) beans around twice as expensive, and give them a 30 second cooldown on use
. This will be enough to offset the excessive XP.

As we've covered the XP rate adequately and adjusted bean cost of problematic aspects, I suggest
no changes to breeding rates. Doing so will impair farm expansion and achievement hunting greatly.
That said,
increased shiny effects and hereditary traits are more than welcome.


Bonus Suggestion: Hire-able Makeover Mage Apprentice to exchange beans for gender/color swaps 4 animals

25-Jul-2019 18:17:03

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i hope they do not nerf the xp rate of any things you have yet to collect

i have 'banked' 99 farming at the farm just waiting to harvest, but i want to hold off on my 99

i would be pretty bummed out of i claimed it later only for the xp to be different
bring back the lumbridge pig pit

26-Jul-2019 12:40:36

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