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Slave Zero said:
PSA that bsh/xmas scythe/holly wreath are ALL not rares the more you know :)

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Hello again. Sorry for the late reply, I have been out of the office and can't post on here from home.

The items that I listed are the ones that we have put in the mystery boxes for the Going Like Clockwork event.

This does include the rubber turkeys.

The turkeys were items limited to Xmas, so we decided to bring them back for this Xmas themed event also.

We discussed as a team what was appropriate to bring back and what wasn't. For example we're not bringing the holly wreath back.

I can't promise that we will or won't bring anything back in the future - I don't have that much power and I don't know who will be making those decisions next year.

However, we would have discussions again as to what we should release, and I imagine the same results would happen next time as this time.

Post the quote in full. Now Stop posting here.

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