Rune Minotaur VS Geyser Titan

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So I had some fun comparing the efficiency of these with wiki's efficiency equation.
V = (P1X2-P2X1)/(X2-X1)

I went even further and compared geyser titan, rune mino, fire titan, addy mino, steel titan, and yak at both tav and amlodd. The most efficient methods are addy mino at amlodd (time valued under 4.2m/hr), rune mino at amlodd (4.2-36m/hr), rune mino at tav (36-2157m/hr), and geyser at tav (over 2157m/hr). Yes youd have to value your time at max cash/hr for geysers to be more efficient. I also included buy/sell cost for bars since theyre a bit high.

Blues (excluding geyser) are always more efficient than crimsons (at current prices), but obviously most people wont have enough blues. So, comparing crims, the most efficient methods are yaks at amlodd (under 15.4m/hr), yaks at tav (15.4-85.8m/hr), and steel titans at tav (over 85.8m/hr).

Obviously this will all change with prices, but currently those are all the orders. I wont post my work here because honestly it's a big mess that would take awhile to understand anyway. You can use the calculator on the wiki page or a spreadsheet like I did to compare them for yourself.

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Dr Whooves

Dr Whooves

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Your Daddy said:
I am really excited to see what happens in the market. Personally rune bars at anything under 5k is a steal considering it takes 100 shards to make the pouches.

Definitely, I was planning on doing fire titans for dxp since theyre insanely cheaper than geysers. Then I saw this post and wondered how minos compared since I had completely forgotten they existed. I was very surprised to find minos to be less gp/xp than fires.

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