Rune Minotaur VS Geyser Titan

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Dr Whooves
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Dr Whooves

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Your Daddy said:
I am really excited to see what happens in the market. Personally rune bars at anything under 5k is a steal considering it takes 100 shards to make the pouches.

Definitely, I was planning on doing fire titans for dxp since theyre insanely cheaper than geysers. Then I saw this post and wondered how minos compared since I had completely forgotten they existed. I was very surprised to find minos to be less gp/xp than fires.

09-Feb-2019 17:15:41

SumOFab Itch
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SumOFab Itch

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^ I'm such a good mercher I blew 50b loose change making this noob.

I'm f2p now... Don't hold ur breath... I'm not getting 99 slayer yet. I might go 200m hp and summ first, b4 99 slayer... Then 200m slayer.
Hi, I'm Fab.

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Your Daddy
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Your Daddy

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Good luck!

As DXP approaches it seems prices did plunge a bit for rune bars but may be picking up now for good. I hope more people can take advantage of this opportunity and not blow their bank with water talismans.

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