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Hween said:
Hween said:
Jagex doesn’t even consider Holly wreaths and Christmas scythes under the same category as discontinued ‘Rares.’

Check out the RS wiki page for Ring of Rares. It was a one day event item that was dropped earlier this year on April fools day. It let you transform into all holiday event related rares (excludes disk and wines), such as hween masks, phats, Easter egg, pumpkin, and Santa hats.

It was interesting because they also included Black Santa Hats on this list, which is one of the new rares released. However, it also reveals that they intentionally left out holly wreaths and Christmas scythes.

Lol in the end, do whatever you want with your gp.

Friendly reminder.

confirms disks and wine are being reintroduced

26-Aug-2018 00:01:39

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