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Dr Sid PhD

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The current official items of this forum thread are

Tier 90 Dyes

- Barrows Dye
- Shadow Dye
- Third-age Dye
- Blood Dye
- Ice Dye


- Mainhand Briefcase / Offhand Briefcase
- Mainhand Suitcase / Offhand Suitcase


- Explosive Barrel
- Backstab Cape
- Sack of Effigies

Second Age Weapons

Original message details are unavailable.
new items are:
1. flaming sword enchantment
2. elemental impetus
3. golden thread
4. box of clue scrolls
5. Hobby unicorn (white)
6. Hobby unicorn (black)
7. pyjama top
8. pyjama bottom
9. pyjama slippers
10. heavy chest
11. bag of clues
12. ring of coins
13. ring of trees
14. round glasses (black)
15. round glasses (blue)
16. round glasses (green)
17. stylish glasses (black)
18. stylish glasses (blue)
19. stylish glasses (green)
20. half-moon spectacles (black)
21. half-moon spectacles (blue)
22. half-moon spectacles (green)
23. Adamant dragon mask
24. rune dragon mask
25. dragonstone dragon mask
26. onyx dragon mask
27. hydrix dragon mask
28. gilded boater
29. gilded cavalier
30. samurai kasa
31. reaper ornament kit
32. soul ornament kit
33. tuxedo jacket
34. tuxedo trousers
35. tuxedo shoes
36. tuxedo gloves
37. tuxedo cravat
38. Evening bolero
39. evening dipped skirt
40. evening shoes
41. evening gloves
42. evening masquerade mask
43. heated tea flask
44. elemental battlestaff
45. pack yak mask
46. robin hood tunic
47. robin hood tights
48. dragon cane

..... rest of the new items are on the 2nd/3rd age thread.

Prices may be reported using the "b" and "s" system OR decimals

B = instant buy / non instant sell (and rounds up to the nearest million)
S = instant sell / non instant buy (and rounds down to the nearest million)

Note: This thread is strictly for discussion and price updates. Rules of the thread are below.

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Dr Sid PhD

Dr Sid PhD

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Thread Rules

- First and foremost, do not post fake prices. This is, after all, just a game and this thread is for helping out the runescape community.

- Do not link prices to any in game fc/cc/organization, as it may start conflict on whether they are real/trustworthy.

- Do not spam the thread. This includes posting excessively in a short amount of time, posting disruptive and off topic information, and being rude or out of line.

- Do not troll in the thread. This involves posting fake prices, going off topic, and disrupting the purpose of the thread.

- Do not flame or direct inappropriate comments at anyone.

- If you have a conflict on someone's report, do not call them a manip or flame them. Simply state you have a conflict and why (example: buying item x higher). Players will know if you are posting fake prices and will learn to ignore all your future reports.

- If you are reporting a street trade of any sort, the other player's name must be stated. Otherwise there will be lack of credibility and this can lead to easy manipulation.

- All forum rules and common sense applies.

~~~~Forum Moderators will be contacted if a player violates any of these rules~~~~

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Dr Sid PhD

Dr Sid PhD

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Original message details are unavailable.
From V5,

Original message details are unavailable.
~~~~ I would like to make an important annoucement ~~~~

My runescape playing time has been steadily declining over the past year and I rarely play anymore. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to these series of threads and helped out the community. Thus said,

I am giving full ownership and all rights to this thread and any future versions of this thread to "Dr Sid PhD". He is a great friend of mine with plenty of forum experience who will be able to efficiently run and manage the future of these treasure trail threads. Furthermore, any and all future treasure trail updates which include monetary item rewards will fall under this thread regardless of the version it's on.

I am requesting for this thread to be locked. Version 6 will be created by Dr Sid PhD.

Thank you once again to everyone :)

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