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Hello there, that UIM here.
I have a question regarding the Rune Platebody (OSRS) and not sure if I may post it here or not?
Is there a way that we are able to make the Rune PLatebody a non quest required item?
I am an UIM and Defence Tank (DEF & HP only) it is hard for me to obtain one rune platebody. Thus though if I do obtain one (with out buying one from the GE, but instead Champs Guild or as a random dropping), I am not able to wear one with out having complete the Dragon Slayer quest ( plus other quests to complete it). And as I said before, I am a defence tank only style account, I can not do many quest regarding combat (other than DEF & HP).
If I may, make a suggestion to remove the Rune Platebody as a quest only item, to a generic platebody armor with only 40 Defence as its requirement (no other Combat related stats)?
that UIM

03-Jul-2019 00:32:50



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First of all this is the RS3 item discussion so you’re in the wrong place but id like to address your concern.

You’re saying because you’ve decided to limit your account in a rather absurd manner that the game should be changed to fit the way you want to play? Jagex is not going to change the quest requirements of an item which has significant historical value in the game just because a handful of people decided to torture themselves and play as defense tanks lol
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03-Jul-2019 02:18:15

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