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Let me know what you guys think about this; a different skillcape design for players who had reached the level 99 skillcape before RS3. Due to the improvements in certain skills, such like Farming using the Player Owned Farms- We can all agree that it's far easier nowadays to get a 99 in *most* skills when compared to back then. I just feel that we owe it to those who played back then for them to receive some sort of distinguished recognition for how much effort they've put into getting their cape. Obviously, there isn't going to be a 120 cape for it or a special emote for it. Thoughts?

21-Jun-2019 02:51:30

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I don't think the info on when you reach level 99 is stored anywhere, so this won't be possible. Creator of the quarterly M.U.P.A.Q. and I.B.A.T.A.W.A.T. Awards™. Do you notice unhelpful but non-trolling posts? Or someone asking a question for which the answer was already given? Nominate them here!
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21-Jun-2019 10:57:19

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It was your decision alone to use entirely underlevelled methods to reach the level cap, something, which was fairly comparable to virtual 120 nowadays, since the actual use of certain skills ended much earlier - be it in RSC, RS2 - or any other year.

I mean - I probably would acknowledge if someone managed that in RSC - but following your logic - certainly not for the easy mode in 2013.
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