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Okay, ive been wanting to say this for a while now. WTF did you let lms die?
The old LMS was great. It has some serious flaws, but it was good the way it was. The only thing it lacked was rewards. Yeah, it had the comp mode that you could buy into for a huge stack of cash, and throw it away for bad rng..
Every single minuscule mind numbing event on OSRS has some sort of reward, be it xp, or items. LMS has nothing of the sort.
Since the new beta is out (btw, i think its a great thing you are rethinking LMS, but the beta tribrid start is trash)
Go back to the old LMS. and then introduce your reward shops with that.
Add some new rewards as well.
-introduce a point system. points are gained per game played, as well as kills, and time alive. these points can then be used to purchase xp lamps, pk items, ect

maybe make smaller maps for less people. take sections of the original LMS map and have 4-10 man games in just mosser settlement, or mountain area.

I dont like the idea of full tribrid start to LMS. the joy of the game was running and searching for items and fighting till death.
eliminate some of the junk starting items. instead of a spear, give a dragon scim...
-get rid of junk loots from chest.
-have more variety of keys in full 24 man games. +15 ppl have a dirty key, +9 bloody key +5 bloodier key.. with respective loot.

Just some ideas... id love some touches you fellows have onto your ideas of LMS.

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LMS? Is this an OldSchool thing? In that case you might want to have this moved to the OS forums as this is a RS3 forum. One of the following doors might have a towel behind it: [gate 6] - [wall 9] - [fence 37]

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