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It is not an unfair advantage for a great number of reasons.

1. Phats were always tradable.
2. Untradable holiday items were always untradable.. But then again, untradeable isn't even a word so for that reason I agree, they should be tradable. I always think "untradable = untrade ie. Take backs, or returns, able... And that's not what we have with these items. " untradable" in its fictional rs definition is fine, whatever, we've got quest items etc. Should they be tradable? Nah... Untradable is a fictional word in a functional game, whatever, I'll use it.
Untradable holiday items were always untradable.
3. RSC was deleted - those guys got robbed, fuck ur gifts off... U wanna sell em? No.
Skillet? Skill no.

So much moot.

03-Jan-2019 15:13:12

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