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Tried your service for the first time today and I can't believe how smoothly and quickly it went. Signed up for a total of 150k dg tokens and it went by in a flash. So thank you to our host Combat Medic!

03-Mar-2019 02:52:42

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this was a great idea in theory but you are not able to execute that idea or goal you have. it's unfortunate but I'm going to just pay the other established group 95 mill for my imp. i've noticed your hosts jump on here multiple times and blam log right back off. just to make sure my feelings are not just deleted and ignored i'll be posting my review of your lack of service on the official forums. i recommend one of two things. 1. actually get on and do what you advertise or 2. just stop now, drop the whole idea and move on. id say thank you but yea, all i've done is sat around so no thank you. gl to you.

p.s. if anyone doubts a word i say, just join the discord and the game chat. it's a complete joke

27-Mar-2019 18:37:22

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Hey Mojo_Stoner,

Thank you for considering Token Farm

I apologize that you had to wait in our FC and our discord to get 100k tokens.

I hope you understand most of the hosters have jobs in real life. I personally work in a medical facility and Iím not able to host while Iím at work.

Thank you for your honesty and how you felt. Please understand things in life canít always happen right away. You could wait a few hours and get the Charming Imp for 5mil instead of paying 95 mil with another FC.

You are always welcome to Farm Tokens with us.
-Need Charming Imp in an hour? Join "Token Farm" fc for more info!
-5M GP gets you 100k tokens, no dung lvl required
-Earn 1MIL GP Each time you refer another Player to our FC!

27-Mar-2019 18:41:21

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Huge thanks and shout out to Fracasas who hosted me today. It was very fast and efficient and he was patient and willing to explain what needed to happen to make it so.

29-Mar-2019 01:13:08

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These guys are amazing (go helltorepay). Token & exp rates are on point. Couldn't be easier. When I would mess anything up, they were very helpful in getting us back on track without any further issues. 10/10, would use again and again.

07-Apr-2019 06:33:05

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