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Jaekob Caed said:
333333333 said:
Won't happen because Jagex doesn't want to show their maingame RS3 with only 15k - 20k players online!

That's at very low times. At peak times and days, we see 40k+. Plus, keep in mind, bots are significantly less of an issue in RS3 and OSRS has mobile. When RS3 mobile drops, I guarantee we'll see the total counter exceed 200k again, across both games.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but you're delusional if you think a mobile client is going to fix RS3's population with a boost like OSRS mobile did; even before the mobile client was released for OSRS, the game was already steadily growing in the long term, whereas RS3 is the polar opposite, steadily declining long term. And even with the client, OSRS's average player count didn't even double in size. Finally, OSRS actually stood out in the mobile market, by not being a garbage cash grab like most other mobile games, something that RS3 is going to be with its massive amounts of MTX (or IAPs in the mobile terms).

Btw, that "at peak times and days, we see 40k+" is pretty misleading, since if you look at the graphs over at Misplaced items, using the day granularity can display both the average and the peak numbers for the past ~30 days in RS3. Since the mid-March, RS3 has:

1. Never peaked higher than 35k players (this made me question why you used the 40k number, since RS3 hasn't reached that in over 30 days at least).
2. Peaked at less than 30k players on most days.
3. Averaged a player count of ~20k on most days.

All in all, seems to me that you're quite ignorant when it comes to the reality of RS3's situation. :P
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18-Apr-2019 19:00:30

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