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Jeremy Cheng said:
Support even if I will never make an IM. Would be great for new IM to find help on starting out.
What I was thinking.

I support it as well. I like the idea for them to have their own section for advice .... instead of sorting through other threads about regular gameplay. Suggestions can stay in the existing suggestions forums though.

Keeps it all nice and organized tbh...especially since the game mode is big enough and honestly has different gameplay styles than regular gameplay does. That way one who plays primarily as ironman doesn't have to sort through the 7-8 other sections of regular gameplay and have regular + ironman topics mixed like it is already.

One can argue many many different things for or against adding/removing sections from the forums. No one has the right solution in the end, but when an idea has been suggested quite a few times since the game mode has come out, and the ironman community has grown since as well, I think it's time to try it tbh. If one doesn't play ironman, nor feel the need to use the section, nothing is forcing anyone into using it. But it'll most definitely help those who would.

I dont play ironman, so I wouldn't use the section since I don't know the gameplay tips and tricks since it won't benefit me any...but I support cause I see a benefit to having it around for those who do play and would use it.
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