Robot dance music box!

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What is a Runescape party without a music box?!
I present you: The robot dance music box! The most awesome thing ever!
This will add 100% extra swag to your Runescape parties (even jmod parties!! And 100% more
Profits for Jagex!

While you're working on music boxes... Combine then all into 1 music box with a switch option. Much easier :P

Other music box suggestions:

- 70s
- Hawaii
- Chinese (With that Chinese guitar thingy music)
- African
- Pirates
- Al kharid
- Mexican

Hope you like this idea and show your support! :D!
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11-Aug-2015 17:07:35

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great idea!!!! I support this :) :):):D
there should also be dances where u can interact with other players (dancing in pair or more people together facing each other)
on the african dance style i would suggest a tribe dance, which includes people facing each other like theyre doing a dance battle.

EDIT: where is 90s disco music?? u should add that to the list!
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