Pursuit: A Mature Social Clan

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Current RuneScape Username : Ace0fsleep

TimeZone :2:18 PM

Total Level :1556

Combat Level :106(99 def untrimmed cape)

Typical play style (ie skiller,pker,pvmer)- Skiller/PVM, Absolute Wilderness Avoider

If you see two clan members arguing, How would you react? Attempt to defuse, Changing topic, try silencing, or Call Cajun.

If you have a negative experience with a clan member, what steps would you take to squash the issue? Call Cajun.

What are your personal goals on runescape? Maxing one day... .......

What do you plan on achieving from joining our clan? BANDOS BANDOS BANDOS BANDOS

Do you have a clan Sponsor or reference? CajunCountry and Snipstar

25-Mar-2019 19:33:31

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