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Its been a week so far since I've waited for 32 keys. and 3 inquiries later.
I'm extremely tired of the survey companies lying or failing to get info.
Just as PeanutsLabs always saying not qualified after you imput information and do a whole survey that takes your time up.

I had proof that I finished the survey on my phone here is link under

This was a survey from superrewards. they first said it was gonna take a little longer to process on day 2 and after a week I place a new inquiry with the image shown above and they later claim it as a image of not even related to the survey.
3rd one said I never did anything. When I found out they pretty much reset the survey's history for me while I'm registered to the site and wasted time on those inquires and survey.

I doubt the super rewards team will help and I hope Jagex or someone could help me resolve this issue or resolve the whole survey system from all these scams being removed.

Doing a survey in Peanutlabs said your qualified and you get redirected to the survey and later it said you aren't which said you are not qualified for the survey when you finish and it wasted your time. Note most of these are about 5-20 minutes long.

Teams that are verifying the info at all by auto.
So far I had to place inquiries on all of mine since I never got any of them after 24 hours.

I would really wish to get my 32 treasure hunt keys that I've waited a whole week and also a large fix or removal/look into the survey system from scams just as mostly PeanutLabs.

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Check out the Earning Rewards article in the Support Centre for instructions on how to resolve the issue with SuperRewards, or Peanut Labs, which ever was the offering partner that you used.

If you have done this and still have not resolved the issue, then you may follow the instructions in the Contacting the 3rd party has not resolved my earned rewards issue page to contact the Payment Support Team.

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