QoL and CoX Changes

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Lotta hate being thrown around for the rollback, but it was the right call.

Rework of Chambers of Xeric to be more point friendly to pures is amazing. Thank you. <3

Next on the agenda: Make quest experience rewards optional/lamps so we can do theater of blood and vorky? :D

28-Feb-2019 23:22:29

Duke Nukey
Aug Member 2018

Duke Nukey

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As annoying as this fucking rollback was, it was the right thing to do. It wouldn't be fair for Tbow owners who put in a lot of work to get one. I can't believe I ate the whole thing..

01-Mar-2019 01:48:43

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Low Mike said:
wrong call

Because you had a free twisted bow?

The rollback is being judged on such a biased stance by so many it's comedic.

Jagex made the right call for the entirety of the game. Any opposition is selfish. Quote me and be angry.
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01-Mar-2019 17:23:16

tinder g0ld
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tinder g0ld

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I noticed there was an update to have the blue hydra pet's phase noise removed. I am all for that seeing as the electrical noise was kind of annoying (I have a pet as well) but what I noticed was ALL of the pet's sound effects were gone.. the walking sound.. but yet bandos pet/ Skot still have theirs.. was wondering if that will get fixed? otherwise it is just as unique as a zulrah pet in my mind which is kind of unfair seeing as it is a 95 slay boss and should at least have its stomping noise added back :) cheers. kyle Joe :)

01-Mar-2019 22:47:46

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