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Doom Skitz
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Doom Skitz

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i am trying to login to my osrs mobile account and thanks to the stronghold I haave had tomake a two factor... ive since changed phones and essentially locked out of my own account now... NOT HAPPY WHATS MOST UPSETTING is I have RECENTLY made monthly subs to something I cant loginto

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Recently activated the Authenticator & set up a bank pin! I am very pleased to know my account is secure! It’s so sad to hear people getting their accounts “hijacked” etc I strongly recommend everyone doing this! Thanks :)

04-Apr-2019 20:33:37



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I wish this was easier to do with a mac, and no smart phone. I put windows on a virtual machine, but it recently stopped being able to access my flash drive. What a bother. I am unappeasable.

05-Apr-2019 03:08:48

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This has been bugging me for a while, so much so i considered nipping having a word with them personally, I feel like by making this a requirement to get varrock armour your stopping me from progressing in the game by bribing me to get my personal details or not have the same advantages as others.

Edit, unless someone can tell me how to do the 4 emotes of the stronghold without MAKING me enter my phone number in their systems?

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