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Please reduce the need of world changing.
This is very annoying, it's wasting a lot of time also game crashes or drops to login screen when you constantly do this.

Here are the reasons that I world hop often.

- Warbands
Should make 1 camp only so we don't have to hop worlds to find camp in same location, this makes Warbands simple and less garbage in Wilderness.

- Demon flashmob
Spawn the mobs more often, also remove despawning. Despawns are most annoying part.
Also less locations where it spawns would be nice.

- Goblin raids
Same as with Demon flashmobs, remove despawning and reduce locations they spawn at.
Also add it to minigames thing so we can see when they going to spawn.

- Pking
Wilderness is dead and need to hop a lot to find someone, how about making it accessible only from certain worlds or making it instanced?

- RuneSphere
Like wtf, just spawn it on every world.

- Minigames
So many worlds for each minigame and in same time most of them are dead!
Just make one world for all minigames.
Also send message to players if they visit any minigame in wrong world.

If you know any other places where you need to world hop a lot feel free to suggest below.

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Tenebri said:

Hell no wbs is a op D&d doing what you suggest will make it even more op

As states pking is dead


Only if youre searching for it. But having such a routine as you suggest destroys what it is

This already is case unless you mean locking all worlds bar 1 or 2 to play it

Couldn't agree more.

No support.
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This is already fixed. I made a similar complaint earlier about the 5 minute cooldown after hopping X amount of worlds. I world hop a lot to help out my FC and it really helped to get unlimited world hopping.

As for your examples: Have you tried looking for a friend chat?

You can find friend chats for everything. Runesphere for instance got corehunters. You have the Raid fc for goblin raids, deep sea fishing got Fishinghub1 and whirlpool dnd, Demon flashmob got demonmobs fc and so on.

I posted a link to a list of active friend chats. I am sure you will find something that fits you. If the link doesn't show here, just google it and you will find it soon :)

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