Legend of III

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1. What makes you interested in joining The Legend of III?

sounds like a fun clan with alot of helping and love and fun:)

2. What aspects of a clan interest you the most?

not really 1 thing but more, the pvming pking helping each other etc

3. In your opinion, what qualities make a clan successful?

nice people who can communicate and laugh

4. What types of events would you be interested in attending?

pvm pking everything

5.What type of player do you categorize yourself as (skiller, pvmer, quester, etc.)?


6. What about you makes you unique as a player?

love helping and doing pvm/pk

7. In The Legend of III, one of our core values is respect among clan mates. In your own words, what does respect among clan mates mean to you?

no discrimination help people if they need it

8. Who referred you to our clan, or how did you find out about us?

noxious owl (also thanks for helping me do this app.. took some sweet time but we got it working xd

25-Jun-2017 21:33:24

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