Legend of III

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1. What makes you interested in joining The Legend of III?
I am looking for a clan that cares of its members and has active fun!

2. What aspects of a clan interest you the most?
Getting new friends and finding new adventures, doing new things.

3. In your opinion, what qualities make a clan successful?
A successful clan has leaders who care and members that support each others.

4. What types of events would you be interested in attending?
Skilling, dungeoneering, PVP and questing

5.What type of player do you categorize yourself as (skiller, pvmer, quester, etc.)?

6. What about you makes you unique as a player?
I am a team player and like working with others.

7. In The Legend of III, one of our core values is respect among clan mates. In your own words, what does respect among clan mates mean to you?
Treat all with respect, helping clan mates achieve goals and having fun.

8. Who referred you to our clan, or how did you find out about us?
Froydo approached me and started a conversation.

26-Jun-2017 19:53:57

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