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Squib, all content from FANDOM was copied over to the official wiki on October 2nd, 2018. The official wiki is the only one that has had coverage of game updates since October. I think you are severely misinformed about the state of the wikis, because if you actually take a look, I don't think you will find any content whatsoever where the FANDOM wiki is better.

I would also add that vandalism has always happened on the wikis, it's just that in the past, there has been a moderation team to clean it up. They've now moved to the new wiki. If you choose to use an outdated, unmoderated, user-editable website filled with RWT and phishing ads, that's your right, but you can't really complain when it starts falling apart.

The people managing the wiki left FANDOM because of the atrocious advertisements. The new wiki has no ads. Not exactly selling out...

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