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CM Neriphyra

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@Zlysses and Barnabis: You posts were removed due to their content being out of context in a negative way and especially one of them even attacking a member of the team. We want to hear your feedback but please do so in a constructive manner.

FiFi LaFeles said:
So our feedback is asked for via Discord, Twitter and Reddit. But not on their own official game forums.

How sad.
We understand and thank you for sharing this with us. I believe the wording in the news might be the issue here and we will make the team aware since the forums are mentioned in the video for feedback (which we are also sharing with them), so please do not hesitate to continue to participate. :)

Dylmathh said:
Quick question:

Does double XP weekend include Menaphos reputation???

Doesn't say anything in

Probs doesn't class as XP but one can hope ;)
Thank you for asking this and we will check with the team to get an answer to share with everyone.

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~I for one am looking forward to the mining. It will be a welcome change to the system that is in place right now.

~As for the quest I'm extremely excited to see how it turns out. It promises to be an entertaining experience I have have no doubt that it will be.

~With DXP this weekend. I agree that it is rather soon to start another DXP. That being said, I have missed the last one, It would be a nice chance for me to be able to catch up and achieve my gains that I have otherwise missed.

10-Nov-2018 20:51:22

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11-Nov-2018 06:46:56

Max Zuba
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Max Zuba

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Slime is of the essance = What an awful event

I couldnt even play it on one of the days due to the game crashing when you went anywhere near rimmington.

I then missed out on the chance to claim any 'rewards' from it.

Why didnt we get rewards when we reached the milestones ? we have done in every other event.

If you are going to do rewards at the end then why didnt we get an ingame message reminding us to claim our rewards when the event ended ? we get them for everything else.

Overall a complete disapointment and waste of time.

03-Dec-2018 11:40:06

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