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At lvl 74, I finally got my first clue scroll (beginner). I am a non-member btw. After reading the first clue, I used the strange device that I obtained from Reldo and dug to find the second clue.

However now that I have completed Step 1, the strange device says it is inactive? Why? How do I get it started again so that I can find the next clue location?

Appreciate the insight from y'all -- thanks!

18-Jun-2019 22:39:13

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This seems to belong in the OSRS section. Movement required. My discord RS3 Toxic-Free Helpful Community is currently looking for members and helpers! This discord is dedicated to helping players in Runescape 3, whether you are new or old. Feel free to join if you need help, or if you want to help. Replies are usually quick.

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Thread moved to OSRS General.

Your second clue is probably not a hot/cold clue and therefore you have no need for the strange device for now. You can keep this in the bank until a similar clue pops up again.

Simply read the clue scroll to get your next location.

19-Jun-2019 12:58:07

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