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Hi all. Just a few questions on player-owned ports.

1) What do you guys recommend to get first whenever going into a new region? Focus on upgrading ship first or getting new crew?

2) For resources like gunpowder etc, do you guys go to the arc regions to buy resources from the Waiko Rewards Shop? Is it worth the grind to get chimes to buy resources for your player owned port?

3) Do you guys risk voyages with 70% and less chance of succeeding? I did a voyage with around 60% chance and my best captain died =(. Hence, I never took the risk again. Would you guys therefore go back to the previous regions to do voyages there so that you can level up your crew?

Thank you for your time guys.

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Answers are based on experience.

1) Get a top tier crew to increase chances of success, then you can worry about getting resources for your ships.

2) Not worth at all to buy resources. Getting resources from ships is free. All you got to do is wait for the voyage to end. Pretty much free afk method of getting resources.I have never bought a single resource from Arc. That's why it's said that you have to start ports asap.

3) At higher resources/islands, the max percentage you can get is about 60% for lots of resources. Once you get a Rowboat, you should not have to worry so much. Besides, I have lost a number of crew. I just rehire new ones and level them up again. I don't go back, I just continue with a higher percentage if possible. You can reroll a number of voyages to your liking anyway.
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