Stuck on River Of Blood

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Sep Member 2018


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After I defeated the wyrd and the icyene appears, the dialogue with vanescula to continue the quest doesnt appear. I've tried leaving and talking to her over and over but it never progresses. This is really frustrating as I'm closing in on my quest cape and it's really demotivating. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

19-Mar-2019 03:03:58

May Member 2019


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Having the same issue. I've been playing on mobile since the release of the unreleased beta. Wyrd finishes his dialog and the Icyene Efaritay spawns and banishes him. Straight after this, there is nothing I can do to trigger the rest of the quest/dialog. I've tried teleporting, clicking on other NPCs (which just ends up resetting the same scene), I've tried using the Ivandis serum on the closest NPCs, still nothing has worked. Please fix this issue!

17-Jun-2019 08:06:33

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