Guide to Saving Bank Space

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You can store pretty much all the minigame-reward outfits too.
The bonus-exp skilling outfits.
All of those Treasure Trail rewards (some only in sets)
Capes of pretty much all types. Including Spotted and spottier.
Agile Armour can be stored too.

Just have a look around your costume-room. You'll probably be surprised how much stuff you can put into there. And then think about if you really need the stuff you got in bank regularly, or not - if not, you can just as well put it in there.

Also, if you just lack one or two items for a full set to be able to put it in - let's say Mystic robes, why not just buy those boots and then store it? They aren't that expensive, but it it saves you bank-space.

I haven't paid for any additional bank-space (happily took the free ones of course).
And I still keep some of that sentimental stuff. Quite a bit of it actually.

But I still manage having around 80 free spots usually.

Well, that's it from me. If I repeated something then I'm sorry. I only read the posts you linked to on the first page.
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Miles Prower
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First page is looking a bit rusty. I am currently in the process of rewriting this guide to take into account some changes made over the past five years. Some information about the upcoming bank rework will be included where it is needed. Low on bank space? Click here.

06-Mar-2017 21:28:17

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Tylers Worst said:
Bump to this great thread. Your thread came up first in google searches for saving bank space.

Hahaha, that's so cool!

Sweet guide, lots of great tips!

I didn't see the suggestion of giving stuff to an alt account anywhere, what do you guys think about that?
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Miles Prower said:
What we have to remember though, is that bank space is also server space. Server space comes at a premium.

This is likely not the reason that we can't have extra bank space. An item entry in a SQL database is literally bits. Yes when you add up all those bits you get bytes, then kilobytes, megabytes etc, but long term SQL storage is dirt cheap, easy to maintain, and easily outsourced. The real reason is Solomon Store bank expanders. Probably a little game balance thrown in there.

But all in all, nice guide. Thanks for sharing :)

26-Jan-2018 07:22:58

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