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(sorry for some possible mistakes, engllish is not my native language)

Hey guys !

I stopped playing RS3 about 5 or 6 years ago and I've been considering playing again over the last few weeks. But since I gave my stuff to all my friends before quitting, I am now quite poor, but still have some untradeables left (some player-owned port armour, chaotics, overloads...)

What I loved to do was PvMing, but my actual bank will probably not allow me to do some end-game content, but I am willing to do some mid-high level PvM to have fun and make a bit of money.

So I have several questions :
- what are the viable mid-high level PvM bosses to kill to make great profit, without demanding high level expensive gears ?
- do you have any money making methods that doesn't need much money and which are viable ? So I can by myself an okay pvm gear

I do have some okay skill levels which may help me make money and buy myself a better pvm gear. I don't know how to share a picture here but I will describe it quickly

- 99 in all combat stats
- all skills are 80+ (except divination at 59, and the elite skill level 1 which I really don't know what it is)
99 in the following skills : dungeoneering (105 actually), herblore, fletching, slayer, smithing, cooking, firemaking and farming

I will take any advices about how to get back correctly in the game :)

thank you very much !


16-Jun-2019 20:07:54

Darkir Kam
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Darkir Kam

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I did this as well (quitting and giving away many of your valuables) so while I spent less time away I can say what I did.

I think gwd2 (and below) can be done with some less good weapons? But advise for when/ during you are getting your weapons...

First, I see you have ports things. If you have ports armor for a certain style (or more than one) I would considered using that one in mid to high ish bossing until you get your hands on more desirable armor. (Not that I don't like ports, just I've been told I should be using power armor - but I hold that its more important to get a decent weapon first).

What I had happened to be ports armor for all styles, because I did a lot of ports.

If you have RANGED armor: Araxxor. If you have death lotus darts you can upgrade them to teir 88 with death lotus extract, over the GE (unless you are iron). I believe that those should suffice at lower enrgages, especially since you have overloads. (araxxor's magic attack - the one you should face if you do ranged, will drain your stats if you dont' use overloads. Last stage has poison as well. You can look at the guide if you are interested, or if you are I can tell you how my set up started)

If you have MAGIC armor: you can also try rax, though the special for magic is more unforgiving (its a bleed). you can go for the magic ports weapon (sea singer magkai or kiba - the main hand one). I used the main hand seasinger weapon on TELOS though, at lower enrages (very low so far). But I can say for a fact that an upgraded (with sea singer upgrade kit? I believe) weapon at teir 88 works on lower enrgage kills. This one I think would be the most fun. but you get better uniques on rax than telos, unless you breach 100% enrgage.

I'm not very good at telos yet but if you claim occassionally the drops are as good as rax about, BESIDES the uniques. IF you are after uniques and not doing high enrage on ether, DO RAX.

Again, there is gwd2 , this is just some others.

16-Jun-2019 20:28:17

Darkir Kam
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Darkir Kam

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for non combat: i think grenwalls may work without much input, at least if you use the hunting tickets (from the dnd... big chincompa iirc)

Invention (new skills) Is Rather useful for perks on your weapons, I would look at unlocking that. it requires 80 crafting, smithing, and divination.

16-Jun-2019 20:31:24

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